Twitter Blue, previously known as X Blue, has introduced a new feature that allows subscribers to hide their blue verification badges. This move comes as Twitter aims to offer more control and flexibility to its paying subscribers while addressing concerns related to the infamous blue checkmark.

Twitter’s verification system, which initially served as a means of recognizing credible accounts, faced significant challenges when Elon Musk allowed anyone to become “verified” through a Twitter Blue subscription. This led to an influx of fake accounts, sparking chaos within the platform. Eventually, Twitter removed blue checkmarks from legacy verified accounts and made several changes to how the verified checkmarks were displayed. However, with the recent update, Twitter Blue subscribers can now choose to display or hide the blue checkmark on their profiles and posts.

A Twitter support article explains that certain features may still reveal the presence of an active subscription, and some functionalities may be limited when the checkmark is hidden. Upon subscribing to Twitter Blue, users receive an optional blue checkmark on their profile, along with a “verified since” date indicating when they became verified through the subscription service. This addition aims to provide more transparency regarding the verification status.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has been actively working on rebranding the service to X, with plans to transform it into an all-encompassing “everything app.” Speculations suggest that this new app may also include a payments system. The recent replacement of the Twitter logo with an “interim” X logo on the San Francisco office building has further fueled the anticipation for what the future holds for Twitter X.

While the name change to X is underway, Twitter Blue continues to be referenced in various parts of the platform, including the X Blue subscription page. This suggests that Twitter Blue’s core features will likely remain intact, but under the new overarching brand. The ability to hide the blue checkmark is a welcome addition for many Twitter Blue subscribers who wish to maintain a level of anonymity or avoid the memes and jokes associated with paying for the subscription. However, it is worth noting that the blue checkmark still serves as a symbol of credibility for verified accounts with one million or more followers.

As Twitter continues to evolve and adapt to user demands, the introduction of this option demonstrates the platform’s commitment to providing more personalized experiences for its subscribers. With the rebranding efforts and potential inclusion of a payments system, Twitter X is poised to become an intriguing platform to watch in the tech and social media space. In conclusion, the option to hide blue checkmarks on Twitter Blue signifies a positive step towards user empowerment and privacy. As the transition to Twitter X progresses, it will be interesting to see how the platform’s identity evolves and how it shapes the future of social media and online interactions.

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