Twitch unveils major monetization changes, aiming for a sustainable model. While some payouts decrease, others increase, including alterations to Prime Gaming subscriptions.

Elimination of $100,000 Cap: Twitch removes the $100,000 cap on its 70/30 revenue split for top earners, aiming to incentivize high-performing streamers effectively.

Revamping Partner Plus Program: The Partner Plus Program undergoes transformation, introducing a new 60/40 revenue split tier and expanding eligibility to affiliates, boosting creator opportunities.

Shift in Prime Gaming Subscription Payouts: Twitch alters the Prime Gaming subscription payment structure to a fixed rate based on the subscriber’s country, potentially resulting in a slight pay cut for streamers.

Twitch’s quest for financial sustainability leads to significant shifts in its monetization strategy, impacting top earners, introducing new revenue split tiers, and adjusting Prime Gaming subscription payouts.


Why did Twitch eliminate the $100,000 cap on revenue for top earners?

The cap removal aims to eliminate disincentives for high-performing streamers, ensuring a more encouraging environment for top-tier creators.

How does the revamped Partner Plus Program benefit creators?

The Plus Program introduces a new revenue split tier, expands eligibility to affiliates, and aims to triple the number of creators benefiting from specialized revenue splits.

How does the new Prime Gaming subscription payment structure work?
Starting June 3rd, Twitch switches Prime Gaming payments to a fixed rate based on the subscriber’s country, potentially resulting in a pay cut for streamers.

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