Twitch raises price of Turbo subscription, sparks backlash among creators

Twitch, a popular platform for creators and gamers, is increasing the price of its monthly subscription called Twitch Turbo.

This subscription allows users to remove most ads, access additional emoticons, and enjoy other benefits. In the United States, the price is going up from $8.99 to $11.99 per month. The new prices for other countries can be found on Twitch’s website. The price increase has upset many subscribers, as seen in complaints on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Current subscribers will have their existing rates locked in for an additional three months, but they will need to opt in to the new prices. Twitch has mentioned that there will be future updates to improve Turbo and make it more relevant to the community.

Some users may actually see a decrease in the price of Turbo, but they will need to cancel and resubscribe to take advantage of the lower price.

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