So, what’s working when it comes to marketing videos in 2021. Wishu is here to help you find out. 

By Kyle Loftus

Live for Live Content 

Recreating the sensation of live radio and TV used to command is a great way to tap into consumer desires. Instagram offers the option to save the live video for people to come back to later but most of the punch is packed into that live video that people all around the country, or the world, experiencing the same thing at the same time.

Vlogging: Cringe makes Cash 

Vlogging is a video format that is often cringed at; it involves talking to no one but a camera. But at the end of the day it creates an engaged following which leads to more sales. Try investing in influencer marketing to promote your product. 

SEO: An easily searchable video 

Ensuring that your video is likely to pop up on Google is a sure-fire way to make sure it’s viewed. This organic growth is an essential continuation of the importance of video to the discovery of your business or brand.

Shoppable Videos 

Videos are shoppable when they feature links to products within the world of the video. Make a product irresistible on a story that highlights it  and pair it with a shoppable link.

Silence is golden 

Ensuring your video is effective with and without sound is crucial. Facebook’s autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos within your stream with no sound, has expanded into Instagram and other platforms. As auto-playing videos continue, so too does the consumption of videos with no sound.

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