1. Programmatic advertising delivered through AI

The biggest advertising trend that 2021 will reveal is probably the explosion of programmatic ads via artificial intelligence (AI) to automate ad purchases. This will allow brands to target even more specific audiences.

Also, as the range of channels used for reaching customers grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Managing programmatic platforms through AI solves this problem as they use targeting signals and real-time adaptation for individual ads or campaigns via any given channel.

2. Inclusivity

One look at the front page headlines shows the significance of inclusivity in our current time-and-place in history.

In 2021, digital marketing includes media and subject matters that cover a variety of races, sexualities, religions, etc., as well as representation for people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. This includes the content for your imagery and videos, but also the topics you discuss in social media and blogs, or even the line of products you offer.

3. Video advertising

Video advertising is not new in the market, but as the internet, smartphones and tech in general keep evolving, this is highly likely to stay as one of the biggest digital ad tendencies for next year.

Due to the large amount of content available online, people are becoming less and less receptive to the idea of being exposed to long commercial videos and presentations. They want the most direct, fast and concise communications possible. With the introduction of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, we are expecting easy-to-make, easy-to-watch, short-form video ads to become more popular than ever before in 2021.

4. Sustainability: loud and proud

Just like the digital marketing trend of inclusivity, people in 2021 are similarly passionate about environmentalism. They want to make sure the brands receiving their money are just as concerned for planet earth as they are. Stella McCartney puts sustainability at the centre of Summer 2020 campaign.

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