In a cluttered media landscape, brands are leaving $6 billion on the table by not fully capitalizing on the potential of audio advertising. Data analytics firm Neustar (now TransUnion) found that optimizing ad spend across over-the-air radio, digital streaming, and podcasts can unlock this untapped revenue.

The answer to the local radio versus digital audio dilemma? Both. Advertisers combining over-the-air with digital streaming and podcasts see a 1.5x return on investment, according to recent studies.

Despite the proven effectiveness of audio in building brand awareness and driving sales, most brands are underinvested in this space. Total audio emerges as a solution, providing more value for ad dollars in a time when proving ROI is crucial.

With 96% of Americans listening to audio daily and significant engagement in podcasts and digital streaming, national advertisers are missing out on a massive audience. Neustar’s analysis reveals chronic underinvestment across industries, with potential revenue boosts of over 30% for those who level up their audio game.

Live Nation’s success story speaks volumes — a 1,000% return on ad spend through a multiplatform audio campaign. Savvy marketers, in an era where breaking through noise is tough, can unlock unparalleled capabilities by investing in multichannel audio. It’s time for brands to claim their share of the $6 billion in unclaimed sales by plugging into the booming world of total audio.

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