Google’s video-based subsidiary, YouTube, has become a haven for creators and influencers ever since its inception back in 2005. However, in today’s vast landscape filled with thousands of YouTube influencers from around the world, who are the top YouTube influencers among them?

If that very question led you to this article, you’d be happy to know that you came down the right path! We have scoured the uber-popular video platform to find the 10 top YouTube influencers that you should check out in 2024.

So, let’s get down to (YouTube influencing) business, shall we?

10 Top YouTube Influencers to Check Out in 2024

Now, before we dive into our list of the 10 top YouTube influencers of 2024, it is worth noting that the names mentioned here are individual influencers or a group of influencers running a single YouTube channel.

We have excluded company-owned YouTube channels like T-Series and focused on individual influencers from various genres, ranging from technology and sports to gaming and beyond. 

Apart from just listing their names, we have also briefly explained why they are the top YouTube influencers to check out in 2024

With that being said, let’s dive right into it!

1. MrBeast

Subscribers – 253 million

If you are not living under a rock all this while, there is a high chance that you have heard or read about MrBeast, a.k.a James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson. Catering to a massive audience base on YouTube, MrBeast has created an empire of his own on the video platform. 

He delivers unique, high-quality, and fun-to-watch content for his audience consistently and accomplishes various charitable acts. Fun fact, click the “SUBSCRIBE FOR A COOKIE” button on his channel to find an ever-growing list of his accomplishments.

So, if you want to watch some fun and feel-good videos on YouTube, MrBeast is the influencer that you must check out in 2024.

2. PewDiePie

Subscribers – 111 million

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, is one of the OG YouTube influencers who is still going strong on the video platform. With over 111 million subscribers to his channel, the Swedish personality is essentially a sensation for his fans.

Although Felix started with Let’s Play videos of action and horror games on his channel, he pivoted to meme reviews, TikTok reviews, and IRL content later. He also started sharing vlog-style videos with his wife Marzia, an internet personality, and newborn son Bjorn.

So, if you want to get to know Felix and his charming personality, you can check out his channel on YouTube.

3. Dude Perfect

Subscribers – 60.1 million

Are you a fan of trick shots and love to watch amazing skills in sports? If your answer is yes, Dude Perfect is for you!

Run by five college buddies – Tyler “The Beard” Toney, “The Twins” Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett “The Purple Hoser” Hilbert, and Cody “The Tall Guy” Jones, Dude Perfect puts a unique spin (literally!) in their YouTube content.

The guys are masters at creating fun and oddly satisfying videos, focusing on sports, comedy, and most importantly, trick shots. So, if you want to watch a basketball fall right into the hoop from 800 feet height, check out the Dude Perfect channel on YouTube.

4. Like Nastya

Subscribers – 114 million

Russian-American YouTuber Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya, known as Like Nastya on YouTube, has garnered a commendable audience base at just 10 years of age. In a very short time, Anastasia has become one of the top YouTube influencers in her genre, thanks to her cute on-screen presence and personality.

Although she focuses on all things children, including children’s songs, toy unboxing, and educational content, Nastya also does vlog-style videos with her best friend Ada.

So, if you are a parent of a young one and would like your kid to indulge in fun and entertaining content on YouTube, you must check out Like Nastya.

5. Markiplier

Subscribers – 36.6 million

Mark Edward Fischbach, popularly dubbed Markiplier on YouTube, is yet another prominent YouTube influencer in the pool of top YouTube influencers who focuses on Let’s Play videos on his channel.

Although Mark’s primary focus lies in indie horror games, the American YouTuber also publishes comedy skits, animation videos, reaction videos, and internet-challenge videos on his channel.

So, if you love video games, animation, and entertainment, you should take a look at the Markiplier channel on YouTube.

6. Jacksepticeye

Subscribers – 30.7 million

Seán William McLoughlin is an Irish YouTube influencer who focuses on gaming, vlogs, and reaction videos on his channel jacksepticeye. Garnering over 30 million subscribers and 16.6 billion views as of March 2024, McLoughlin became the second most-subscribed Irish YouTube influencer on the platform.

Although his primary content revolves around Let’s Play videos, the creator has also published various Try Not to Laugh content, TikTok reviews, and IRL videos on his channel. Thanks to his funny videos, he has become one of the top YouTube influencers on the platform.

So, check out the jacksepticeye channel on YouTube if you want to indulge yourself in video games and memes.


Subscribers – 18.7 million

Marques Keith Brownlee, ubiquitously known as MKBHD, is one of the pioneers of technology-review content on YouTube and is one of the leading YouTube influencers in his sector.

Marques is mainly known for reviewing smartphones, laptops, and other consumer tech devices in high-quality videos. However, he has also interviewed prominent industry personalities, including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and various others.

So, if you want to watch quality videos of new smartphones, laptops, and global tech events, you should check out MKBHD on YouTube.

8. James Charles

Subscribers – 23.9 million

One of the most prominent YouTube influencers in the make-up genre, James Charles Dickinson is a true make-up artist who comes up with unique makeup tutorials and eye-catching videos on his channel.

Charles started his YouTube influencing journey while working as a local makeup artist in his hometown. However, when his YouTube channel took off, the 25-year-old started focusing on brand-building and entrepreneurship.

So, if you are into makeup, cosmetics, and beauty, you must check out James’ YouTube channel.

9. JaidenAnimations

Subscribers – 12.5 million

Jaiden Dittfach has made a name for herself as one of the top YouTube influencers, thanks to her awesome animation skills. With over 2.4 billion views on YouTube, her channel, JaidenAnimations, has become one of the top animation-focused channels on the platform.

The Arizona-based YouTuber mainly focuses on 2D-animated videos about popular topics like Pokemon. However, she also publishes vlog-style, IRL content on her main channel once in a while.

So, if you are into fun, animated videos telling stories, you should check out JaidenAnimations on YouTube.

10. Rick Beato

Subscribers – 4.13 million

Rick Beato, otherwise known as Richard John Beato, is one of the rising YouTube influencers, focusing on everything music. Richard is an American music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and music educator who happens to have a YouTube channel of his own.

Although he has worked with many popular music bands, Beato is known for his YouTube influence where he posts informational and practical videos about different music genres, including rock, techno, rap, and jazz. He also interviews prominent music producers and musicians on his YouTube channel.

So, if you are into music and want to learn all about the technicalities, you must check out Rick Beato on YouTube.

Wrapping Up

So, that wraps up our list of the 10 top YouTube influencers that you should check out in 2024. 

Although there are many other prominent YouTube influencers, covering various topics and categories on the platform, these are some of the special ones that we think you should take a look at.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the most popular YouTube influencer?

With over 253 million subscribers, MrBeast, aka James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson, is the biggest and most popular YouTube influencer in 2024.

Which is the most popular YouTube channel right now?

If we take company-owned YouTube channels into account, with over 263 million subscribers, T-Series is the most popular YouTube channel in 2024.

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