Top streamers’ estimated content spending for 2023: Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix, and more

According to a recent report by Moffett Nathanson, the top streaming platforms are taking a more measured approach to content spending in what they call the “post-streaming wars” era. Moffett Nathanson’s research analyst, Robert Fishman, predicts that total media-industry content cash spend will reach $136.4 billion in 2023, a 1% increase from 2022. This is a significant drop from the 14% increase in 2022 and the 25% increase the year before.

Disney’s content spending is expected to be around $30 billion on theatrical films, TV, and streaming, which is down from their initial estimate of $32 billion in 2022. Warner Bros. Discovery is expected to spend around $20 billion on content, while Netflix is predicted to invest roughly $17 billion into streaming shows and movies, just as they have done consistently over the past few years.

Apple’s video content spending will likely reach $6 billion by the launch of Apple TV+ and is expected to reach $7 billion in 2023. Paramount+ is expected to spend around $4 billion, and the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock is planned to spend $3 billion on content in 2022. Despite becoming more reserved with content spending, the top streaming platforms are still investing heavily in content creation to remain competitive.

The major players in the streaming world recognize that original and engaging content will continue to be a top priority, especially with new streaming services entering the market every year.

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