Top Social Media Content Creators to hire in right now!


Top Social Media Content Creators to hire in right now!

6 October 2020
Here are Wishu’s top content creators, that have the digital sphere in the palm of their hands.

A make artist who’s simply a breath of fresh air. Wendy ‘s world of colours has landed her with an impressive catalogues of clients, that should also include you. From Converse to Glossier, Wendy’s surreal makeup looks show off why the unconventional is just as beneficial for any brand.

A lifestyle photographer like no other. With a list of clients which include Amazon, Selfridges, Deliveroo and TMLewin. Laura is your girl if in need of content creation for Instagram as well as visual branding. 

A photoshop expert, illustrator and master of indesign. Her strengths include: graphic design, typography, videography, illustration and photography. She describes herself as being a skilled professional who is talented in various mediums. 

Experienced graphic designer & branding consultant for brands, businesses & start-ups. I create and develop meaningful, captivating stories through a variety of creative mediums, focusing on graphic design, motion graphics and photography.

Currently based here in London, Giada is a talented  freelance artist and freelancer. From pet portraits to Mini Women Paint pieces, Giada’s got you covered. Her work has featured in 2020 UlaiMedia, 2020 Contributor Association for Integration of Women, 2020 Pigama Magazine and more.

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