Top Reel trends your brand can try this week

We have researched and put together the hottest audios on Instagram Reels so that you can weave them into your business social media schedule. You’re welcome!

La Rebelión — November 17, 2022

This iconic song by Colombian legend Joe Arroyo is trending for things like outfit reels and dances. Use it to show off exciting news or hot aesthetic from an office makeover to a magazine launch party. Keep the video to approx 8 seconds.

Current # of Posts: 24.5K

Fitrop — November 10, 2022

This “get to know me” trend is a great way to succinctly show off your core values and aesthetics as a brand. 

Current # of Posts: 2.5K

Rich Flex — November 10, 2022

The sound derives from Drake’s new album and is a great way to show how you met a goal – financial or otherwise – in a short and specific time period. 

Current # of Posts: 6.6K

Miss You — November 4, 2022

Quite simply, this audio is to be saved for the “wow” moments, the huge landmarks. If this seems timely for your business, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it…

Current # of Posts: 47K

Wild Thoughts — October 28, 2022

A little later but still relevant this audio can be used to show a collection or simple volume. It repeats the phrase “another one” so is best for videos celebrating quantity. 

Current # of Posts: 22K

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