I’m trying to think of a more controversial acronym than NFT in 2023… and I’m failing. It is safe to say that while crypto hasn’t had the most shining year, NFT sellers, influencers and their community continue to thrive and sell out.

I recommend really not getting put off by the controversies surrounding FTX and crypto this year because there are NFT influencers who are bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for selling their art. 

Best NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter

We’ve comprised a list of the best NFT influencers to follow on X (Twitter) so check them out below;

1. @ZironiVioletta

Violetta Zironi

Number of followers: 65.7k followers

Post Frequency: Every day

Italian crypto music artist

Italian born, Miami-based Violetta is a musician, songwriter and actress who is pioneering the music NFT space. She boasts 335 Ethereum (over £435,000) worth of sales on Open Sea alone. Furthermore, she has made her fans over $1 million collectively in resales.

Zironi got her start singing in PFP spaces, attracting a large audience base. Zironi has now sworn to no longer release music in web2 and only on the blockchain after the professional, financial and creative results she has seen. 

2. @heyemmamiller

Emma Miller

Number of followers: 5,331 followers

Post Frequency: Every weekday

No.1 UK female artist making music on the blockchain

Scottish born and based Miller is an indie folk singer, songwriter who boasts the largest number of NFTs yet sold by a UK based artist through her 1000 piece collection Artifacts. Emma hosts Twitter Spaces every weekday at midday, showcasing the latest talent in the web3 music space. 

3. @cobie


Number of followers: 781k followers

Post Frequency: Every day

Cobie is one of the most popular NFT influencers on Twitter and the host of UpOnly, a crypto podcast. What makes Cobie great is that he’s not only endlessly entertaining but also very opinionated. Additionally, if you want to follow what’s going on in the crypto world, you’ll get all the info you need by following Cobie.

4. @kevinrose

Kevin Rose

Number of followers: 1.6 million followers

Post Frequency: Every day

Kevin Rose is an LA-based NFT influencer who was featured in the list of 25 most influential people on the web by Time and the top 25 web celebrities by Forbes. Rose’s media appearances include major podcasts and shows like the Jimmy Fallon show, the Joe Rogan Experience, Charlie Rose Show, Tim Ferriss show, and others. While Rose had many business projects in the NFT space, he’s most known for being the co-founder and CEO of the company that created Moonbirds, a popular NFT collection.

5. @DezBryant 

Dez Bryant 

Number of followers: 3.5 million followers

Post Frequency: Every day

Dez Bryant is one of those NFT influencers with an impressively large following and excellent engagement.

He rose to fame as a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. However, he’s also known as the creator of Personal Corner, a company that helps athletes build communities and connect with fans using blockchain technology. This is what launched his career in the NFT and blockchain spaces.

Being both an athlete and a web3 innovator puts Bryant at the intersection of sports and NFTs, which is an excellent place to be in the influencer space.

6. @JadynViolet 

Jadyn Violet

Number of followers: 11.8k followers

Post Frequency: Every day

Jadyn Violet is a young beatmaker who hosts some of the most highly populated and entertaining Twitter spaces on web3. He most recently announced a partnership with number 1 music NFT platform, Sound.xyz. Violet is also brilliant and spreading the eye-opening news of music NFTs on web2 platforms like TikTok. 

7. @itsrosacecilia 

Rosa Cecilia 

Number of followers: 2,695 followers

Post Frequency: 3 times a week

Cecilia balances the line between web2 and web3 activity which is rare to find in the space with most commercial artists uninvolved in music NFTs and the ones who are solely invested in web3.

Cecilia launched her first NFT (genesis) in August of this year in collaboration with Snoop Dogg funded platform Sound.xyz.

She launches her next project in early October in partnership with Trax who share with Ceciliia a mission to onboard non-web3 listeners to the benefits of web3 for music artists and listeners alike. 

Final Words and How to Get Started

If you’re unsure as to how to go about educating yourself on web3, the blockchain and the scene on Twitter, I recommend you join a Twitter Space or two and request to speak.

The beauty with the space is the sense of community; everyone is willing to help and even set up Google Meets to onboard you into the space and advise you on how you might contribute.

NFT influencers are unlike web2 influencers in that the barrier between influencer and follower aren’t so high seeing that the NFT influencer depends on the active participation of the follower to buy NFTs and speak in spaces. So don’t be shy!

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