Top Makeup Artist trends for 2021


CGI software for futuristic makeup

French Makeup-Artist Ines Alpha

  • Not about beauty but creativity and art
  • Inspired by animé, drag queens, and club kids
  • Pioneered by the French Makeup-Artist Ines Alpha
  • Coincides with the rise in popularity of transformation: By means of filters, makeup, and plastic surgery
  • Holographic tones and finishes

French Makeup-Artist Ines Alpha

Surrealism and alien-like features

 Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

Alina Zamanova

  • Artist Alina Zamanova’s paintings of alien-like women have been surging all over social media
  • Rave scene stylists and creatives such as Betsy Johnson have also been pioneering an elf-like alien look
    Instagram has seen a rise in holographic and surreal filters:

The Mullet

Mylie Cyrus

Since September, the controversial 80s hairstyle has been rising in popularity on social media and in the fashion world.

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