The 2021 trends are definitely making us even more excited to play with our beauty stash in creative projects. 


Here are the biggest makeup trends for 2021…

CGI software for futuristic makeup

French Makeup-Artist Ines Alpha

  • Not about beauty but creativity and art
  • Inspired by animé, drag queens, and club kids
  • Pioneered by the French Makeup-Artist Ines Alpha
  • Coincides with the rise in popularity of transformation: By means of filters, makeup, and plastic surgery
  • Holographic tones and finishes

French Makeup-Artist Ines Alpha

Surrealism and alien-like features

 Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

Alina Zamanova

  • Artist Alina Zamanova’s paintings of alien-like women have been surging all over social media
  • Rave scene stylists and creatives such as Betsy Johnson have also been pioneering an elf-like alien look
    Instagram has seen a rise in holographic and surreal filters:

The Mullet

Mylie Cyrus

Since September, the controversial 80s hairstyle has been rising in popularity on social media and in the fashion world.

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