This is one of our favourite yearly blogs. It’s always exciting to take a look at what’s in demand and how we can sell our services in the next month in a way that capitalises on our skill and squeezes the juice out of all of them.

Fun fact, in 2023 there are approximately 4.24 million freelancers in the UK, with 42% of these freelancers being women (this figure has continuously been increasing since 2008).

2023 is arguably one of the most groundbreaking years in the past century in terms of how much our lifestyle shifted in 12-18 months. Let’s take a look at what’s in demand. 


Social media management relates to being able to create engaging content which a target audience will interact with.

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Being able to optimise the content in order to generate more traffic, and understanding how to utilise marketing analytics tools to monitor social media traffic is something which many businesses find valuable because social media is so popular now. TikTok now is no longer a plus, it’s a necessity. The same goes for Instagram reels. 


This is a follow on from social media management as data allows us to analyse what works, what doesn’t and what has the potential to go viral. Data analysts are individuals who can identify trends and patterns by analysing and interpreting statistical data, enabling them to come up with business-related decisions.

They can come up with recommendations, suggest adjustments to tactics and strategies and often play a strong hand when they are helping businesses solve problems and/or come up with solutions.

This skill is very valuable for businesses because most industries are becoming highly competitive and they require data analysts to keep them on top of the latest trends and patterns within their respective industries.


Graphic designers have an impactful role because they are able to bring a business’s campaign to life.

Creating visual and engaging images which businesses can use on their websites, on social media, banners, leaflets, newsletters and more, a graphic designer has the ability to increase the attraction that customers have for businesses.

Graphic design is also the most diverse it’s ever been in regards to aesthetics, moving features and effects so the possibilities are endless. 


As businesses begin placing more emphasis on their online services, their websites are required to be more functional, having elements such as buttons, pop ups, shopping carts and more.

For most businesses, being able to develop their websites through coding is something which is outsourced as it is a very specific skill which many current employees most likely will not possess.

Having such a skill would make you very valuable to businesses as they will require expertise if they want to continue to compete in their markets online.


Videography and video editing are soaring in popularity especially since the growth of TikTok and the future forward lean towards the Metaverse.

Videographers have a hard job in 2022 as the everyday person’s video skills grow in skill, videographers have to truly stand out and consume as much knowledge as possible.

It’s an exciting year for video with rumours stating that Instagram may become almost solely a video only platform by the end of this year…

In terms of photography, images are seeking new and improved ways to standout in regards to album covers, display images and ad campaigns.

This is where graphic design comes in again because fusion seems to be the answer – marrying photos with graphic design, illustrations with collage photos etc. 


Copywriters are responsible for producing engaging content which can be often seen on websites, digital articles, print media or even advertisement text written on packaging. Some writers could also be required to do regular blogging, writing articles for businesses to maintain a specific audience.

Another role which copywriters may also be given the responsibility of is updating content, whether that be online articles needing rewording, writing new content for web pages or even filling up space for new brochures, ensuring the correct information is being shared to consumers and that all content that is provided to consumers is clear, professional, grammatically correct and informative.

Many businesses now will potentially want to use a copywriter rather than someone within the business, as they may want to release content which has a neutral tone and doesn’t carry too much influence from insiders.

In other cases, copywriters may be used because businesses would prefer an expert to write up important pieces of content when they have important news or updates which they want to share.

Whatever the case may be, copywriting is a skill which requires someone with critical thinking skills, who is confident in their ability to write.


Many businesses hire consultants for a certain period of  time to develop a strategy or action plan which could help the business reach a specific goal or target.

The role of a consultant is to provide expert advice and come up with briefs and information as to what or why businesses should do something in order to achieve specific goals. 

Consulting is a great way for creative freelancers with 5+ years experience to capitalize on their knowledge. Consultants are often hired due to their specific knowledge which the business may not have in-house.

Another benefit of hiring a consultant is that as an external expert, there can be no conflict of interest when it comes to making their recommendations for the business.

The consultant simply provides an expert opinion and follows a set of rules provided by the business to ensure work and research is carried out professionally.

Your industry experience and the knowledge you possess will determine whether you will be hired for a consulting project.

For example, you may need to have had 5-10 years of marketing experience beforehand before a business would contact you and ask for professional advice relating to their marketing strategy.

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