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Virtual Event for creative freelancers in London

IR35 – CEST, Indemnity Clauses, Employment rights: Your Unanswered Questions

Thu, 15th April – 12:30PM

In this webinar we’re going to focus solely on those questions we didn’t have time to address first time around – as well as trying to answer any you put to us during this live event.

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How to provide great service – Clients 360°

Thu, 15th April – 2PM

In this webinar we’ll look at how to give clients what they want – from your day-to-day interactions and best practices to some important legal issues creative freelancers need to know about. We’ll talk about how to keep your clients happy. How to stay upfront with clients. Setting boundaries. Breaking bad news. Criticism. And many others.

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Troubleshooting – Preventing the avoidable

Thu, 22nd April – 2PM

As your career grows, you’ll start getting challenging projects and clients. Stuff will happen. Problems are opportunities to show your chops and become indispensable. A single crisis, awesomely resolved, can win undying client love. This webinar will help you prevent the avoidable and suggest game plans for the unavoidable, the unforeseen, and some of the toughest freelancing problems, including a huge drain on freelancers’ resources: late-paying or deadbeat clients.

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Pinterest Masterclass – For Artists

Wed, 28th April – 6PM

The session will cover everything from, setting up your Pinterest for Business Account, why Pinterest is an ideal platform for Artists, creating Pins that convert traffic to your website, scheduling and some best practice examples.

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Entrepreneurial Women: Monthly Mingle with Sarah Townsend

Thu, 29th April – 10AM

Step away from your business or side-hustle and get inspired by an entrepreneurial women making waves in their industry.

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Managing your time, energy and work habits

Thu, 29th April – 2PM

The freedom to sculpt your own time and work to fit your life is a great feeling. Something that pushed us to go freelancing! Right?! But there are days that everything seems crazy and insanely busy (juggling between work and personal life). In this webinar, we’ll talk about ways to manage your time, energy, and work habits so you can spend more time in “awesome” and less time in chaos.

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IPSE: Women in freelancing – tackling isolation, prioritising wellbeing and thriving in self-employment

Tue, 04th May – 12:30PM

This webinar from IPSE is exclusively for the Women In Business Network. Delivered by IPSE and The Moderna, a community to help freelancers thrive, this session will look at how to tackle isolation, the importance of prioritising wellbeing and how to thrive self-employment.

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