Top creative podcasts for creatives and freelancers

The creative industry is constantly evolving and changing. It can be challenging to keep up with the trends and developments. Podcasts / Creative Podcasts can be an amazing way to learn more about what’s going on in your industry and what new information to take in to help you and your creative freelance business.

The Creative Boom Podcast

The Creative Boom Podcast features fun and frank conversations with some of the world’s leading creatives and freelancers. Katy Cowan’s is the host of the podcast, she presents the podcast in an approachable, personal style and keen journalistic focus raise this podcast above the norm, and she often elicits some surprising and revealing revelations from her guests.

Creative Rebels

Hosted by David Speed and Adam Brazier, the co-founders of Graffiti Life and Parlour Tattoo, Creative Rebels features inspiring interviews with freelancers and creative people who have rebelled against the 9-to-5 and offers advice on how you can follow in their footsteps.

Never Not Creative

Never Not Creative is a community of creatives who want to make the industry a better place. The podcast features interviews with creative members, as well as discussing relevant issues.

Being Freelance with Steve Folland

Steve Folland has spoken to more than 100 freelancers for this podcast, about the trials of being freelance. Through hearing their stories, he aims to help his listeners become better freelancers, as well as himself.

Badass Creatives

Badass Creatives is hosted by Mallory Whitfield, a digital marketing and SEO specialist based in the US, who’s also an artist, speaker, and author of How to Make Money at Craft Shows. Her podcast features marketing and business advice for creatives, as well as interviews with a diverse range of handmade artists, performers, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Meet the Creatives

Rob Johnston is an independent graphic designer and photographer based in New York. His podcast aims to bridge the gap between entry-level creatives and top talent from companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe, Nike, Airbnb, Twitter, Huge and Pentagram.

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