If you Google ‘creative agency’, you’ll be met with over 2,820,000,000 results. To save time filtering, Wishu has composed a list of our top 9 creative agencies based in the United States. You’re welcome!

What criteria defines a ‘top’ agency? 

Of course, favoritism is subjective. Just to let you know, we have based this list on the following criteria in order for them to feature as a favored agency. 


Trust is built on open communication and transparency. How responsive and straightforward is the agency during the pitch stage?

The ideal agency should feel like an extension of your team, where you can freely express concerns or ideas anytime. It’s the key to a solid, long-term collaboration.


Make sure they have a solid grasp of your industry and can back it up with success stories in a similar field. Just because they excel in B2C doesn’t necessarily mean they’re your go-to for B2B triumphs.

Also, finding an agency at a similar growth stage can save you from potential hiccups in collaboration and structure.

Shared Values

It’s not just about the results; it’s about shared values and good vibes with the team you’ll be working with. A successful agency-client relationship needs a natural connection.

At our agency, we’re all about partnerships that feel right on both ends. We’re not just service providers; we’re looking to build lasting connections.

F.Y.I: this list encompasses creative branding, creative production, creative advertising and communication agencies.


Lustre, a marketing-focused design agency headquartered in Brooklyn, boasts an impressive client roster that includes renowned names such as Cartier, Bodega, and Walmart.

Under the visionary leadership of Lauren Turle, Zoe Fisher, and Julia Card, Lustre serves clients globally.

Their comprehensive creative design services span across social media, email marketing, graphics, textiles, patterns, prints, merchandise, presentations, and print collateral, providing clients with a one-stop creative solution for their branding needs.

The Brand Hatchery

Based in Dallas, TX, The Brand Hatchery is your ticket to instant brand recognition in under three seconds.

With a knack for designing and branding new ventures or breathing new life into established ones, they are experts in uncovering, molding, and broadcasting your unique story to a broad audience.

Their impressive client list includes Mallin, Harvest Integrated, and Parks Coffee, underscoring their proficiency in delivering impactful branding solutions.


Hook, a dynamic force in the world of creative production, stands as the driving creative engine behind some of the internet’s most impactful ad campaigns.

Renowned for their digital production prowess, they proudly define the new standard in creative collaboration for emerging brands and products.

Their production-centric approach has cemented partnerships with top global brands, including Locks of Love, The New York Times, and Google Photos.

With offices in Ann Arbor, MI, and Los Angeles, CA, Hook continues to push creative boundaries.

The Wild Factory

Wild Factory, a video production service company rooted in New York and Los Angeles, collaborates closely with creative agencies as a trusted white-label video production studio.

Beyond that, they engage directly with clients, offering a lifeline when creativity is lacking for video or animation projects.

Their comprehensive services include concept development, production, editing, and asset delivery. They specialize in crafting visually striking digital assets for renowned brands, mastering both full video production and project-based creative services.

With expertise in live-action filming, they seamlessly handle projects from inception to completion, providing all necessary production services for video or photo projects in New York and Los Angeles. Wild Factory counts Mac, Spark, and Evan Williams among their clients.

Dentsu Creative

We just had to include Dentsu Creative who boast an impressive client roster featuring Crayola, HBOMax, Fonzies, and Adobe, specializes in crafting ideas that transcend boundaries, ignite innovation, and forge personal connections with millions.

Dentsu Creative excels in helping brands thrive in a world where merely interrupting what people love is no longer sufficient.

They build attention, audiences, communities, and trust through their skills in PR, Influencer Marketing, and Earned Creativity.

Their capabilities encompass Consumer PR, Social Influence, Community PR, Corporate Communications, and Social Impact.

Furthermore, Dentsu Creative creates transformative big organizing ideas that reshape brands from the inside out, encompassing everything from business models to brand identity to integrated campaigns.

Their capabilities extend to Brand Positioning and Identity, Integrated Campaigns, and Experiential.

The Dentsu Creative Americas collective comprises audacious thinkers and award-winning collaborators across the United States, Latin America, and Canada.

These experts blend local knowledge with global expertise, operating from regional hub offices in New York, Chicago, São Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Toronto.

Burrell Communications

Burrell Communications Group, a stalwart with over 50 years of experience, embraces the ever-evolving influence of Black consumers across music, fashion, language, pop culture, art, and politics.

They uniquely understand the cultural catalysts and trendsetters, enabling them to connect with transcultural consumers.

Whether engaging Millennials, Boomers, Gen Xers, or various niches, Burrell creates compelling content that resonates.

With a presence in Chicago, IL, and notable clients such as Google, Toyota, and Coca-Cola, they consistently move brands forward, connecting hearts and registers alike.


RIOT, a New York City-based creative agency, was born with a singular goal: to establish a collaborative agency and production company that tells distinctive stories while challenging traditional notions of creativity. With a fervent commitment to remaining creatively open-minded across diverse mediums,

RIOT shatters barriers and disregards stifling conventions that have hindered the creative industry.
By blending creativity with technology, they consistently deliver groundbreaking results.

Clients like La Galaxy, Coach, and Cartier have experienced their pioneering approach to creativity.

Ezra Productions

Ezra Productions, an acclaimed woman-owned creative agency and video production company, operates from bases in Los Angeles and New York.

Their portfolio boasts visually stunning, emotionally resonant, and intellectually captivating content that deeply connects with target audiences.

Beyond creative excellence, they are fervent advocates for social justice, actively promoting the advancement of women, minorities, and youth within the production industry.

Notable clients include industry giants like Lowe’s, JCPenney, and Herbivore Botanicals.

Viral Nation

Having worked with top brands, Viral Nation has become one of the world’s leading marketing and technology companies. Its marketing services cover influencer marketing, paid and performance media, creative and content, and blockchain/W3.

For influencers, Viral Nation can help you tap into a diverse array of growth opportunities. It does this through services that range from professional representation and career guidance to content distribution and brand deals. It also offers growth solutions tailored to your specific style and audience.

Moreover, Viral Nation goes beyond offering creators social media support. It provides you with a team of experts who focus on helping you grow your reach and engagement for better results.

And it’s not just influencers and content creators working with this full-service creative agency. Some of the world’s top professional athletes and brands have worked with Viral Nation to grow their reach and revenue.

When embarking on any creative endeavor or project, ensuring you have the right professionals on board is crucial to achieving your desired outcomes.

As a result, opting for one of the top agencies guarantees a smooth collaborative experience, timely delivery of creative content that meets your expectations, and ultimately, a gratifying outcome from your decision. 

As a brand or project manager, this choice is instrumental in propelling the campaign’s growth across various channels like social media, digital platforms, PR, events, and communications.

Thanks for checking us out and hopefully, you’ve discovered the perfect agency for your needs! 

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