Niche artists are fantastic for complex yet specific projects but if you’re embarking on a project that is multilayered, the design tends to be much more varied and complex. Multidisciplinary designers are ideal for such projects since they have skills and knowledge in various design styles and formats. Here is a list of 5 top multidisciplinary designers to hire with Wishu. 

Lauren Gosling-Powell – Editor, Illustrator, Motion Graphics Designer

Over several years, Lauren has worked on projects that tell intimate personal stories, and reports on world-changing political events. Clients include HuffPost UK.

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Gunja Bhatt – Illustrator, Background Designer and Painter

With 10 years in the industry, Gunja is an avid storyteller, versatile team player, highly trained and problem solver with fast-paced adapting capacity, bringing “Line & Color” her strongest artistic skills on the table and delivering artworks on time.

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Lampros Kalfuntzos – Graphic Designer and Photographer

Lampros has 8 years of experience in editorial, fashion and commercial projects. Clients include Schon, EDITH and Elegant Magazine.

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Natasha Rukavishnikova – Video creator, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

This Russian Central Saint Martins graduate can do everything from design posters to illustrate eerie branding images and create music videos.

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Joe Phelan – Graphic Design, Illustration and Branding

A driven and creative designer with ten years of experience, Joe has worked with many great people and companies throughout a wide range of sectors

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