It’s that time of the month – or week at this rate – again where we do our research on the best TikTok trends at brands’ disposal. 

CapCut’s Moon Phase Test

Astrology obsessed Gen Z was bound to love this one. The CapCut video template, aptly named “Moon Phase Test,” prompts a user to enter two participants’ dates of birth (could be you and your mum, partner, boyfriend, brother, bestie etc), which then leads to an animation of the moon phases on those dates sliding onto the screen. If these phases complete each other and create a whole moon (for example, if both people were born during a half moon), then the two parties are considered “soulmates,” in either a platonic or romantic sense. 

Brands can easily make the most of the moon phase phenomenon with videos comparing the birthdays of various elements of the brand—such as a specific product, a mascot or the brand itself—with members of the social media team or other people relevant to the brand.

Over 9.5 million TikTok users thus far have tried the CapCut template for themselves, plugging in the birthdays of everyone from family members and close friends to their pets—and even their celebrity crushes. And a few brands, including the mobile game Subway Surfers, have also played with the trend, all helping to propel the hashtag #MoonPhaseTest to nearly 60 million views over the past three weeks.

Tim Robinson’s “You Sure About Dat?”

Another CapCut template, this one shows comedian Tim Robinson sarcastically asking “you sure about that” twice, with a head tilt, and is taken from the Netflix sketch comedy series “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.” 

Brands have brilliantly used it to address scepticism surrounding their history. Take Laughing Cow who used it to address whether or not the iconic bull ever had a nose ring.

The hashtag included on many of these videos, #YouSureAboutThat, has amassed 4 million views over the past week and 38 million total views in roughly the past month. Several brands have leveraged the trend for their own videos, including Heelys, 4Ocean and The Laughing Cow, as well as a number of sports teams.

“Bugatti” by rapper Ace Hood

TikTok is class for repurposing old music from ‘Eyes without a Face’ to Fleetwood Mac. Now it’s Ace Hood’s turn with his 2013 song “Bugatti”. The song’s chorus, specifically, in which the rapper sings, “I woke up in a new Bugatti,” has been the focus of this trend. TikTok users have set this lyric against visuals of themselves or others riding in various vehicles that are decidedly not new Bugattis. User @mr_hobnob, for example, used the song in a video of their guinea pig sitting in a toy monster truck, while @dutchbrosluver set a video of their dad riding on a shopping cart to the song. 

This is easily accessible for nearly any brand, as long as they have access to some type of wheeled vehicle—the further from a luxury car like a Bugatti, the better. The TikTok account for the children’s TV series “Teletubbies,” for example, tapped into the trend by having the Ace Hood song accompany a clip of the series’ titular characters driving their “Tubby Car.”

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