Top 19 Graphic Design Blogs and Publications to inspire you in 2021

Top Blogs and magazines for creative graphic designers freelancers
The beauty of modern graphic design is that now, the culture of graphic design, in general, has extended beyond just the ‘aesthetic’. The popularity of infographics across social media has demonstrated the power of graphic designs to help educate on socio-political topics such as Black Lives Matter and the importance of health and hygiene – surged by the Covid19 pandemic.
To say, therefore, that 2020 was a progressive year for graphic design would be an understatement. We’re excited to see where the graphic design will go over the next ten to twelve months. To help keep you inspired and in the loop, Wishu has put together a list of 20 Graphic Design blogs and publications to follow this year;
Graphic Design for Fearless Women
A Tumblr run by a former contributor to the now on-break Women of Graphic Design blog. The mission is simple; to “celebrate the contributions that women have made to graphic design, both past and present.” 
Creative Review
The world’s leading monthly magazine for advertising, design and visual culture. Their high-quality journalism informs its readers and keeps them in the loop. 
The Dieline
Make Nice
More of a networking site than a traditional blog for women in the field of the graphic design around the world. The free and private slack group from Make Nice answers questions about graphic design, working in the field, and shared resources and in-person networking opportunities.
Eye Magazine
The international review of graphic design is a quarterly print magazine on graphic design and visual culture.
Under Consideration
Under Consideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives and content, while taking on a limited amount of client work.
Design Clever
This Too Shall Grow
A French UX studio focusing on protecting users’ mental health and privacy, pushing for transparency, and avoiding dark patterns. 
Creative Bloq
Creative Bloq posts daily news from the creative industry, ranging from fun to serious.
Album Colors of the Year
Here’s some left-field inspiration for you; a collection of 150 album covers to celebrate the colours used in record cover art in 2020.
This Is Paper
One Extra Pixel
One Extra Pixel acts as an educational resource for all. The step-by-step guides and design tips and tricks will help you stay on top of your design game. 
TemplateMonster Post
Sharing free resources as well as lots of great articles about navigating the professional world as a freelancer, if you are a web designer or are interested in web design, TemplateMonster Post is a must-follow.
She Designs Books
The USP is simple; She Designs Books features book covers created by women designers.
Wade and Leta
Proudly defining their blog as ‘music to the eyes’, these two designers will astonish you with their colourful, wild visions—and perhaps give you some new ideas on how to take bold risks in your work.
Ted Talks: Design
Fancy a lecture on design to inspire your morning? ou can learn about topics ranging from why pasta comes in so many specific shapes to the symbology and psychology behind flag designs, to how the designer of LEGO thought about how to make the toy accessible to people with visual impairments.
The Women Who Draw
A collection of women identifying illustrators which features work from across their membership, introducing you to new styles and techniques from illustrators around the world.
The Casual Optimist
A chance to dig a little deeper into what book designs actually communicate, why, and how.
AIGA Eye on Design
Eye on Design provides its readers with a myriad of categories and series to quench your thirst for graphic design knowledge and features the latest creative work of emerging artists and reports on recent design trends

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