Yep, you’re hearing it again – TikTok ain’t going anywhere! So hold on to your tripods and buckle up for some trend ideas you can jump on to gain traction and trick those algorithms into supporting your freelance career. Bon voyage…

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Careless Whisper

Fans of George Michael will be pleased. The infamous line “we could have been so good together” is trending on TikTok. Most of the time it’s used from a romantic perspective to express a deal-breaker when dating someone. But the freelancer/business flip could be a client who refuses to pay what you asked for?… Sound familiar? Yep, well relatable content like that will soar on TikTok. 

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‘Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?’ 

Another funny one is often used to put a humorous spin on therapy, antidepressants or to just genuinely express enthusiasm for a likeable quality in a partner (popular ones being feminist men etc). The freelancer spin could instead respond to the trend with ‘clients who pay my invoice on time’ or something positive along those lines. 

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‘Put Your Finger Down’ – Freelance edition

There are many versions of the put your finger down a challenge. This challenge entails the user to create a voiceover (or duet to one) where they put a finger down each time they can admit to what the voiceover is saying. The freelancer edition could ask you to put your finger down if you send your invoice on time, pay your tax on time, minimise procrastination and other questions. 

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‘When they’ to ‘Boner Alert’ from Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde Album Version

Don’t worry, this one doesn’t include any inappropriate content! Usually in use with romantic themes, the ‘when they’ voiceover trend is used to express a major turn on. From a creative freelancer perspective, this could be when a client agrees to your set price upon first ask or when they provide all the necessary resources in an organised way and genuinely appreciate you for your niche talent.   

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This is a broad one but if you’re new to TikTok it’s essential to get familiar with it. The POV trend basically provides viewers with your point of view. Take any specific and nuanced element or experience from your freelance life, crush it into 30 seconds et voila! You have your first POV video. A great method to gain attraction is to duet other creative freelancers’ POV videos to encourage the algorithm and then duet your own. 

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Don’t be afraid to do trends that don’t have anything to do with your business or work

Not all videos you post have to be relevant to the business. Unlike Instagram, consistently is key on TikTok so for every 4 videos you do that relates to your business, try posting 1 to even 3 that are simply humorous trends that fit your personality. 

‘Do you want me?’ 

The ‘you want me? No’ challenge is a great way to express the negative sides of creative freelancing and give insight to viewers. The catchphrase in the sound is repeated three times and then concluded by a positive ‘yes I want you, baby’. For example, the first three negatives ‘do you want me could consist of you pointing to the air with captions about unfair client behaviour. Then the positive conclusion could be a positive element.

Invent your own!

Once you have built enough traction through trends try creating your own! Remember – the more specific the better and try to keep it shorter than 30 seconds.

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