If you Google ‘creative agency’, you’ll be met with over 2,820,000,000 results. To save time filtering, Wishu has composed a list of our top 10 creative agencies based in the U.K. You’re welcome!

What criteria defines a ‘top’ agency? 

Of course, favoritism is subjective. Just to let you know, we have based this list on the following criteria in order for them to feature as a favored agency. 


Trust is built on open communication and transparency. How responsive and straightforward is the agency during the pitch stage?

The ideal agency should feel like an extension of your team, where you can freely express concerns or ideas anytime. It’s the key to a solid, long-term collaboration.

Expertise & Achievements

Make sure they have a solid grasp of your industry and can back it up with success stories in a similar field. Just because they excel in B2C doesn’t necessarily mean they’re your go-to for B2B triumphs.

Also, finding an agency at a similar growth stage can save you from potential hiccups in collaboration and structure.

Shared Values

It’s not just about the results; it’s about shared values and good vibes with the team you’ll be working with. A successful agency-client relationship needs a natural connection.

At our agency, we’re all about partnerships that feel right on both ends. We’re not just service providers; we’re looking to build lasting connections.

Without further ado, here’s the list.

Love Creative

  1. Love Creative is a Creative Advertising, Packaging Design and Branding agency based in Manchester. Within that, they offer multiple core services such as:
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Activations
  • Spaces & Experiences
  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Comms
  • Immersive

They’ve worked with brands such as Guinness, Brewdog, Adidas, Botanic Lab, Johnnie Walker, and KitKat, amongst others.

However, they work with small and large businesses so that they could be a fit for all companies looking for a creative branding agency.


Deep is a London-based design agency that produces effective brand, digital & print communications for brands with a global audience. Their design services help businesses specifically on:

  • Branding
  • Websites & eCommerce
  • Design for Print
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Film & Photography
  • Editorial

Happy Hour Productions

Happy Hour Productions were established over 15 years ago, making them a safe pair of hands for all creative production projects.

Not only that, but they have experience with brands launching into the market and those who are already market-leading in their industry.

They’re known to produce creative for TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Brand Films and Animation. But, they can do much more than just the production side, as they understand the value of storytelling & scriptwriting to ensure your creative lands with your advertising goals.

  1. As well as production, they help with:
  • Brand positioning and campaign strategy
  • Competitor analysis of both brand and product
  • Profiling customer data to identify target audiences and pen profiles
  • Defining messaging and tone of voice
  • Creative conceptualisation (for specific channels or integrated campaigns)
  • Copywriting and scripting
  • Storyboarding and directors’ treatments
  • Seeding content in social channels

Create London

Create London is a creative production studio that specialises in event production & brand activations. Having worked with the likes of Coca-Cola and Tiffany & Co., they understand how to propel brands to another level.
They work with other agencies & brands to deliver on:

  • Experiential, Stunts & Social Experiments
  • Pop-up Shops & Retail Management
  • Festivals & Outdoor Events
  • Press and Product Launches

Lobster Creative

Lobster produces creative for content-hungry brands. Focusing their production across TV, Social, OOH, Stills, Films, Print, Rich Media, Banners and In-Store.

Their aim is to deliver a number of creative assets from all shoots, as they understand a singular 30-second video just doesn’t cut it. Clients include Dove, Nutella, Flora, Tanqueray, Glenfiddich, Standard Chartered and others.

Big Cat

Big Cat is a group of talented strategists, advertising creatives and communications experts based in Birmingham.

Their creative advertising campaigns aim to interrupt, influence, make people laugh and create action using social, digital & PR to distribute that content.

With more than 20 years since they were founded, they’ve evolved into a multi-disciplinary creative agency focused on working with hospitality, leisure, retail, public service and not-for-profit businesses.


Rascal is a digital-first creative marketing agency based in Leeds. Their team is split between creative and strategic talent who work closely with brands to develop compelling creative content for paid and organic social.
Their services range from:

  • Creative Content – Conceptualisation, Motion Graphics, Video Production, Design and Artworking, Photoshoots and Live Streaming.
  • Strategy – Digital, Social, Activation and Creator Management.
  • Digital PR – Link Building, Product PR, Newsjacking.
  • Paid Media – Paid Social and PPC.


Strata is a brand experience & creative communications agency. They believe in creating true engagement through brand experiences that connect and captivate, focused on driving “Return on Experience”.

Working as an extension of your brand, their team helps you manage every aspect of your projects, including strategy and planning, creative services, content, technical production, logistics, storage and asset management.

Rise At Seven

Rise at Seven is a young agency, having only just turned 3, but has had some of the fastest growth seen in any agency across the UK in the most recent years.

They label themselves as the Search-first Creative Agency that helps brands rank #1 on Google by facilitating & driving search activity from their creative activations & digital PR.

With offices in Sheffield, London, Manchester and now New York, their team of 90+ employees sits across Campaigns, Technical SEO, Digital PR, Creative Content, Reactive Marketing, Social Media and Paid Media Marketing.

Engine Creative

The final agency on our list is no less than award-winning Engine Creative. Based in Northampton, they create innovative digitally-led creative campaigns for large and small brands in the UK that entertain, inform, delight and inspire your customers.

Their services have been crafted to build brand engagement, and they have worked with the likes of Camelot, Coca-Cola, BBC, Tesco, Disney and more.

When embarking on any creative endeavor or project, ensuring you have the right professionals on board is crucial to achieving your desired outcomes.

As a result, opting for one of the top agencies guarantees a smooth collaborative experience, timely delivery of creative content that meets your expectations, and ultimately, a gratifying outcome from your decision. 

As a brand or project manager, this choice is instrumental in propelling the campaign’s growth across various channels like social media, digital platforms, PR, events, and communications.

Thanks for checking us out and hopefully, you’ve discovered the perfect agency for your needs!

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