If you Google ‘advertising agency’, you’ll be met with over 2,820,000,000 results. To save time filtering, Wishu has composed a list of our top 10 advertising agencies based in the United Kingdom. You’re welcome!

What criteria defines a ‘top’ agency? 

Of course, favoritism is subjective. Just to let you know, we have based this list on the following criteria in order for them to feature as a favored agency. 


Trust is built on open communication and transparency. How responsive and straightforward is the agency during the pitch stage?

The ideal agency should feel like an extension of your team, where you can freely express concerns or ideas anytime. It’s the key to a solid, long-term collaboration.

Experience & Insights 

A key pillar of a remarkable advertising agency lies in their profound comprehension of your industry, coupled with a proven history of delivering concrete outcomes.

Seek out agencies that not only have experience in your particular sector but also boast compelling case studies to validate their expertise.

Excelling in promoting B2C businesses doesn’t automatically translate to proficiency in elevating B2B endeavors, so it’s crucial to scrutinize their relevant experience.


Specialists who know about your industry and type of business are key to achieving good results. They might be great at B2C kind of businesses, but if you’re a B2B, that won’t guarantee they’ll know how to help you succeed.

Looking at examples of clients they’ve worked with will give you a general idea of the type of businesses and industries they have experience with.

Shared Values

It’s not just about the results; it’s about shared values and good vibes with the team you’ll be working with. A successful agency-client relationship needs a natural connection.

At our agency, we’re all about partnerships that feel right on both ends. We’re not just service providers; we’re looking to build lasting connections.

Wildfire London

Wildfire is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in London that offers several advertising and marketing services, but it’s where its creative services stand out. They’ve worked with Amazon, several UK football clubs, ASCOT and M&S, among others.

BBH Global

BBH is a global creative advertising agency founded in London in 1982 with offices worldwide and a global office in London.

They’re well-known for their elegant creative and have won several awards because of it. Some of their clients include Tesco, Barbie and Alpen.

Five by Five

Five by Five is a creative advertising agency based in Southampton founded in 1979 that specializes in product launches. Some of the clients they work with are Activision, Bacardi and B&Q.

Reload Digital

Reload Digital is an eCommerce agency that helps brands internationally. They work with clients to develop their brand, performance and lifecycle marketing.

They’re a 25-person agile and growth-minded London-based agency backed by the resources & technology of a 100-person international agency.

The Croc

The Croc is an agency with offices in the UK and the USA that provides media planning, buying and other services to B2B companies.

Some of the clients they work with are Cisco, Sohonet and Sitecore, and they have been shortlisted for Best Multichannel Campaign 2021 B2B Awards and Best B2B Campaign 2021 ARF David Ogilvy Awards.


Contentology is an advertising and digital marketing agency based in Manchester that offers strategy content and marketing to B2B companies. Some of their clients are Pearson, Samsung and Sibelco.


Global is a multi-media company founded in 2007 with headquarters in London. They are a leading company in outdoor advertising in places like traffic and shopping malls, among others. Some of their clients are McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Peugeot.


Digial Media Team (DMT) is an agency based in Manchester that specializes in paid media and paid search for eCommerce brands. They have clients like MissyEmpire, MuscleFood and Eatlean.

Skylark Media

Skylark Media is a B-Corp certified video agency based in Bristol, and they create videos that inspire consumers and boost sales.

Also, they have experience in different types of video (animation, TV commercials, product explainers, etc.) and different sizes of businesses.


Toast is a TV advertising agency based in London founded in 2002. They specialize in advertising, video production, media planning and buying. They have worked with clients like Olivia Burton, Loaf and Innocent.

Teaming up with a top-notch advertising agency ensures a smooth partnership, delivering creativity in harmony with your vision, adhering to timelines, and ultimately, ensuring your contentment with the campaign’s results.

This agency decision becomes the driving force behind your brand’s advancement across social media, digital platforms, PR, events, and communications.

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