Running a creative agency can be time consuming and tiring. There are so many different tasks to do and hats to wear. For this reason, it’s beneficial to have a roster of different softwares and tools to help with different tasks. We have split up our favourite tools into categories to help you out;

Our project management tool of choice:

It’s totally free and a great way to manage multiple to-do lists for both yourself, clients and colleagues. It features cute animations when you complete a task and colour coding is great for us creatives.

Our file management tool of choice:

Google Docs
A classic. Nobody likes having multiple versions of a document just floating around. Docs allows you to share in different tiers; view, comment and edit. This makes sharing information so easy to organise and share. Not to mention they’re all saved on the cloud and organised in Drive automatically.

Our meeting tool of choice:

Ah the infamous Zoom, the silver lining some may say of the pandemic. You can do live team meetings, group calls, and webinars with video, screen sharing you name it, Zoom does it. It’s also free up to 40 minutes but I guess you know that by now!

Our client management tool of choice:

Keep track of your leads, prospects and follow-ups with ease. Contactually allows you to create all kinds of different pipelines and buckets to make sure you never miss following up with someone again.


Manage creative freelancer that you hire for your creative projects. Everything from sourcing freelancers for creative projects to payment in one place.

Our tool of choice for proposals:


Time-saving is the word when it comes to BidSketch. Making proposals is no longer a chore thanks to its multiple templates, saved sections and beautiful and professional delivery.

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