There are a lot of changes coming to TikTok, and these updates are going to totally change the way you consume and create content. 

New feature: Edit post button

First up, and this one is very exciting. The edit post button. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. You can finally fix those pesky typos, which as a social media creator who will incessantly stare at my own errors until I have to delete and repost. I’m a big fan! It looks like there will be some limitations though, like only having seven days to edit after you post.

New feature: Refresh button

Next up, the refresh button. This feature gives you the ability to essentially reset your feed. And those of us who maybe spend a little too much time on TikTok, we know that it can get weird when you go too far down a particular rabbit hole, and you start getting a lot of one type of content and you’re like, “side eye”…

New feature: Auto scroll mode

Th next two features are related to scrolling and watching videos. Auto scroll mode, is giving users the ability to browse TikTok without their hands. 

New feature: Adjust playback speed 

The other latest update is for videos that are 30 seconds or longer. You can now change the playback for the videos you watched. 

New feature: Save videos without a watermark (my fav)

The ability to save videos without a watermark is coming to TikTok. You’ll be able to access the feature from your drafts. 

New feature: Expanded categories (mixed reviews)

TikTok has quietly started adding multiple categories at the top of the app instead of the standard FYP and following categories. It actually looks kinda of like YouTube. where they have a bunch of categories at the top, like fashion, food, gaming, etc. This definitely gives users a better sense of control and organisation over the type of content that they want to consume. But, many say it looks cluttered and personally, I think maybe even takes away some of that random magic that makes TikTok feel like no other platform. 

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