TikTok trends that brands can follow

These trends are easily accessible for brands looking to participate in the platform’s latest fads. Three current trends that brands can incorporate into their TikTok content are as follows:

Meme slideshow

Thousands of TikTok users have recently been experimenting with the platform’s photo slideshow feature, using a series of memes and reaction images to recount a typical day in their life, set to When In Rome’s song “The Promise.” Some brands have joined in on the fun, with Scrub Daddy recreating the trend with the brand’s sponge mascot.

Rodger Cleye Edits

TikTok user @RodgerCleye is well-known on the platform for his charming song covers, with over 2 million followers and 53 million likes across his videos. TikTok users have begun cropping Cleye’s face out of these videos and photoshopping them into various situations to capture their mood in recent weeks. Many of the 124 million videos in the #rodgercleyeedit tag already feature shopping or brand products, from a phone scrolling through Sephora’s best-selling products to another featuring a Starbucks drink as part of a rainy-day mood.

“If I was a…”

This trend, centred on a portion of Woodkid’s song “Run Boy Run,” offers numerous opportunities for brands. Some users, such as @thegoodsniffs, have put their own spin on the audio, using the video format to recommend various perfume products based on how an individual wants to smell. Hundreds of travel-related creators used the format to rank different aspects of the places they’ve visited.

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