TikTok Shop recently began selling goods directly in the UK. Next on the social giant’s agenda is selling luxury vintage pieces, specifically sneakers and handbags. Now TikTok appears to be building a dedicated team tasked with boosting sales of pre-owned luxury items like bags and collectibles such as sneakers, per a new set of job openings on its website.

It looks as if the team will only be growing larger with TikTok announcing that it’s hiring a “Head of Pre-Owned Luxury” operation lead in North America to develop a go-to-market strategy and build a team of sellers focused on pre-owned luxury items. Other hires on the team will include a seller manager meant to “acquire and incubate pre-owned luxury bags brand principals, distributors and merchants,” as well as a seller manager focused on sneakers and other collectibles.

Prior to the growth of the sector, TikTok Shop merchants have already been testing selling pre-owned luxury goods like jewellery, watches, and Chanel handbags, The Fashion Law reported.
TikTok might also be thinking about how to loop more influencers into the sales category. While luxury items tend to be trickier to sell, they could offer creators more lucrative payouts if they have the know-how to hawk expensive goods to viewers.

This new measure demonstrates just how seriously TikTok intends to be an “everything shop”. The market for pre-owned luxury items has exploded in China in the last few years, including on Douyin. TikTok may be looking to bring some of that success to its platform in other markets, going head-to-head with other pre-owned goods resellers like TheRealReal and StockX.

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