TikTok shares insights into the potential of live-streaming for brands

TikTok released a PDF outlining why its Live streaming services could benefit brands. This is perhaps motivated by the fact that while live-streaming is a huge part of TikTok’s Chinese version (Douyin), with billions being spent on TikTok live-stream commerce every year in the region, the west hasn’t caught on to live streaming to such an extent.

Nevertheless, TikTok is still working through its live-stream commerce integration, and it remains confident that it will catch on with western viewers, as it has in China. And if it does, that could open up a range of new opportunities, for many brands, and could fast become a key consideration for your strategy.

The PDF also outlines the following statistics; 

  • 50% of TikTok users have purchased something after watching a LIVE
  • Users are 1.5 times more likely to watch a LIVE to purposely learn more about a brand 
  • 77% of users are interested in branded LIVEs
  • 72% of users are interested in branded LIVEs hosted by celebrities 
  • 68% of users are interested in branded LIVEs hosted by brand ambassadors  

As of last week, TikTok also buckled down on its safety measures for LIVEs, releasing the following statement(s); 

“To help creators focus on entertaining and engaging their viewers, LIVE creators can already use our keyword filtering tool to limit comments they feel aren’t appropriate. In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out an updated version of this feature that will send a reminder to people and suggest new keywords they may want to consider adding to their filter list. 

[…] Currently, people must be aged 16 or over to host a LIVE. From November 23, the minimum age will increase from 16 to 18. As we consider the breadth of our global audience, we already take a graduated approach to the features that our community can access based on their age; younger teens need to be aged 16 or older to access Direct Messaging and 18 or older to send virtual gifts or access monetization features.” 

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