In a surprising move, TikTok has announced the discontinuation of its in-app feature and standalone app, TikTok Now, which sought to emulate the success of BeReal. BeReal gained significant popularity last year by offering users a unique way to capture authentic moments through random front and back camera photos taken throughout the day. Evidently, TikTok hoped to capitalize on the trends set by BeReal, joining the likes of Snapchat and Instagram in incorporating similar features.

TikTok placed considerable emphasis on its Now feature, even allocating one of the five buttons on its bottom navigation bar exclusively for this purpose. However, it appears that TikTok Now failed to resonate with users, ultimately leading to its phased-out existence. “We’re updating the TikTok experience and are discontinuing TikTok Now,” stated a notification from TikTok.

While users can still access their previous Now posts by navigating to Profile > Private Tab > Now Memories, they will no longer be able to create new Now posts. The decision to discontinue TikTok Now may reflect a waning interest in BeReal-style app experiences. BeReal itself has faced challenges in recent times, having disclosed its daily active user (DAU) count only once in April, reporting 20 million DAUs at the time.

Sources had previously suggested that BeReal boasted the same number of DAUs back in fall, indicating a potential stagnation in growth over the subsequent months. BeReal, however, denied these claims, asserting that previous reports regarding its DAUs were inaccurate and that growth has remained steady. Notably, BeReal refrained from providing on-record statements to the press until this April.

According to app research firm Sensor Tower, BeReal recorded 53 million downloads across iOS and Android as of October, marking a remarkable 2,254% increase in monthly active users. However, only 9% of users engaged with the app daily. To counter this, BeReal introduced significant changes in recent months, such as the introduction of Bonus BeReal and an in-app chat feature. The closure of TikTok Now may serve as an indicator of what lies ahead for BeReal. As we navigate the coming months, it will be interesting to see how BeReal adapts to changing user preferences and the shifting landscape of social media. With TikTok’s decision to discontinue its Now feature, it remains to be seen whether this marks a harbinger of doom for BeReal or an opportunity for the app to redefine itself and recapture the attention of users.

The discontinuation of TikTok Now highlights the evolving dynamics within the realm of BeReal-style apps. While BeReal itself has faced scrutiny, its recent efforts to revitalize the user experience indicate a determination to remain relevant. As the industry evolves, it is crucial for app developers to adapt to changing trends and user demands, ultimately striving to provide an engaging and authentic social media experience.

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