TikTok has introduced its new subscription-based music streaming service, “TikTok Music,” in Australia, Mexico, and Singapore. The service, which was previously launched in Brazil and Indonesia, allows users to sync it with their existing TikTok accounts, enabling them to listen, download, and share songs.

With catalogs from major record companies like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, the service offers a vast selection of tracks from thousands of artists.

To participate, users in the aforementioned countries can join the TikTok Music closed beta test by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or by visiting music.tiktok.com.

Those who join the beta will enjoy a three-month free trial of the service. TikTok Music’s subscription fee is AUD 11.99 ($8.16 USD) per month in Australia, Mex$115 ($6.86 USD) in Mexico, and S$9.90 ($7.48 USD) in Singapore.

Although there are no details about the United States launch yet, TikTok plans to share more information in the coming months. The service aims to combine music discovery on TikTok with a comprehensive music streaming experience, making it a direct competitor to platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.

TikTok Music offers various features, such as listening to full versions of viral TikTok songs, personalized music recommendations, real-time lyrics, collaborative playlists with friends, importing music libraries, and a lyrics search feature.

Additionally, users can download songs for offline listening and engage with others through comments and connections with fellow music enthusiasts. With its strong influence on music discovery, TikTok’s new music streaming service seeks to further engage users and elevate the platform’s status as a music hub.