TikTok has released fresh stats on how users react to promotions in the app

The second instalment of TikTok’s ‘Path-to-Purchase‘ Report has been released, and it delves deeper into how TikTok clips influence consumer behaviour and the critical factors that increase marketing performance in the app.

The first part of the analysis, which TikTok released in February, examined how TikTok users discover and interact with brands using the app.

According to the data acquired by market research firm Material, half of TikTok users say they’re ‘joyful, pleased, or delighted’ about the things they’ve purchased using the app, and TikTok users are substantially more inclined to promote products they see in their feed.

TikTok also points out that celebrity and creative endorsements play a big part in this:

The TikTok audience is 48% more likely to discover new brands or products from celebrities or public figures, 25% more likely to discover them through creators, and 23% more likely to discover them through trending topics or hashtags than on other platforms. They’re also 15% more likely to use TikTok to research new brands or products – and a full 55% of TikTok users do so.”

So celebrity endorsements are a big winner – as they are on every platform – but collaborating with creators can also lead to a lot of app discovery.

On other platforms, hashtags seem to be losing their shine, but TikTok users are still discovering content via tags in the app.

According to the data, 58% of TikTok users report discovering new companies and items on the platform, and 47% of TikTok users try to persuade others to buy products they find on the app, with 49% making overt recommendations based on TikTok ads.

According to the study, more than half of TikTok users want to know where they can buy things they’ve seen on the network, which is 84% more than typical social applications.

You can read TikTok’s full Path to Purchase (Part 2) report here.

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