TikTok and the future of podcasts 

Am I the only one who’s noticed that TikTok on desktop is “giving” YouTube at the moment. I mean, it is to be expected with TikTok wanting to push longer form content for a while (introducing the 10 minute video option earlier this year). But essentially, when you have the TikTok desktop up, the Upload button in the top right corner now serves an option to upload a podcast link…

You can link up to three podcast links. For those interested, you simply need to copy the RSS Distribution link (accessible via platforms like Spotify for Artists). 

As of three days ago, this option is very much in its Beta phase, according to verified TikToker Coco Mocoe. Mocoe, a creator specialising in predicting social trends, posted a separate TikTok that same day stating her belief that podcasts will be a large source of viral TikTok content in six months from now. She had received an email that same morning directly from TikTok stating it will be introducing podcasts. 

According to Mocoe, this move comes from TikTok analysing how many people are leaving the app to listen to a podcast after being enticed by visual sound bites on the app. EmRata, Stephen Bartlet and Elizabeth’s Day content comes to mind here as examples. 

Mocoe also notes that this is a genius move from TikTok due to discoverability. Podcast discoverability is few and far between, especially on platforms like Spotfiy and Apple. TikTok, however, is brilliant at introducing users to new podcasts and the option to listen directly means users will be spending even longer on the app. 

Mocoe predicts that TikTok will start to sign exclusive deals with TikTokers to launch brand new podcasts solely on the platform. This is similar to Spotify’s antics and we saw this on a grand scale with the iconic Call Her Daddy podcast which Spotify paid $60 million for 3 years. 

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