Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticket sales and distribution company, is facing another lawsuit for allegedly engaging in price gouging. The lawsuit, which was filed by a Montreal man and is seeking class-action status, accuses Ticketmaster of intentionally misleading customers for financial gain by concealing information about Drake’s upcoming “It’s All a Blur” tour.

According to the suit, the plaintiff purchased two “Official Platinum” seats for Drake’s July 14 show at the Bell Centre for $789.54 each. However, the day after the purchase, Drake announced a second show at the same venue, and the price of the same seats dropped by about $350. The plaintiff claims that Ticketmaster knew about the second show but withheld the information to maximize profits from customers.

The lawsuit also accuses Ticketmaster of inflating prices of “Official Platinum” tickets that are marketed as premium seats. The suit alleges that these tickets are often just regular seats sold at artificially inflated prices, resulting in customers paying more than they should.

Ticketmaster has faced increased scrutiny and lawsuits in recent months for its pricing practices. The company, along with its parent company Live Nation, faced lawsuits and investigations over the high fees charged for tickets. The Department of Justice and Congress also launched investigations and hearings, leading Live Nation to advocate for new legislation to crack down on scalpers and ticket resale.

The plaintiffs in the Drake lawsuit are seeking $300 in punitive damages for each member of the class, as well as compensatory damages to cover the difference between the prices charged for “Official Platinum” tickets and regular seat prices.

In response to the lawsuit, Ticketmaster has yet to comment. The case will need to be approved by the Quebec Superior Court before it can proceed as a class-action lawsuit.

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