Through Thick and Thin – Fabrica’s got you covered

Through Thick and Thin – Fabrica’s got you covered

by Wishu
18 May 2021

Based in Sheffield, Lyon & Lyon design studio produce some of the chicest beauty packaging yet for unique haircare brand, Fabrica. 


The studio and brand have teamed up together to produce a brilliantly intelligent idea in which the packaging’s design reflects the hair type of the consumer. “Unique thick and thin ridges on the packaging reflect the hair type that the product is best suited to, and these lines are echoed as assets throughout the brand application,” says designer, Harry Wright.


However, it isn’t solely this unique idea that makes Fabrica’s products stand out on the shelves. In juxtaposition to the more glossy or even matte finish of most haircare products, Fabrica makes use of muted colors and a grainy finish. The packaging is more reminiscent of a terracotta plant pot than a shampoo and it’s this earthy, home-centred feel which feels so fresh and modern after a very home-centered year. 


The beauty of Fabrica isn’t only skin (or scalp) deep. Each bottle is individually wrapped in a textured, recycled cardboard sleeve which cuts down on material used to produce the line. Furthermore, all of the products are vegan, sulphate-free, paraben-free and suited to each individual hair type from fine natural blonde to thick, dark and coily. 

Chic, sleek and squeaky clean!


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