Have you read the latest study by Website Planet? It’s entitled “Twitter vs. Threads in Terms of Interactions” and basically analyses brands’ followings and engagements on Twitter and Threads and compares them. If you cba (can’t be ar*ed) to read the entire report, we will summarise for you.

First things first, it is worth remembering that Meta’s Threads app has only been around for about ten days, so it’s way too early to be taking too much from the initial usage insights as an indicative measure of what you can expect. Having said that, the data is still worth analysing as an app which boasts over 150 million downloads in its first week alone. So far, while usage has seemingly dipped, based on third-party analysis, the first returns look promising for brand engagement.

According to Website Planet, the vast majority of brands that are active on Threads are generating more likes per post in the app than they’re seeing on Twitter, with the overall average sitting at around 8x their normal tweet engagement. There are major variants here however. For example, McDonald’s saw 4,201 Twitter post likes and just 3,531 Threads post likes where Redbull saw 83 on Twitter and a whopping 1,934 on Threads. While McDonald’s can be justified boasting 4.7 million Twitter followers and only 110,000 Threads followers (due to the novelty of the app) Red Bull similarly sees 300,000 on Threads and almost 2 million on Twitter. This creates an environment of variants.

What the study does show is that brand profiles are generating good engagement in the new app, which bodes well for growth and future potential.

Overall, there are too many factors to make any real conclusions as yet, but there are some positive indicators for brand opportunities. World leaders are also signing up, with DigiTips reporting that 103 heads of state have activated Threads accounts thus far.

Again, this bodes well for broader adoption, and sustained interest in the app. Everything could still fall apart, no doubt, but the fact that engagement is solid, and more notable people are signing up, bodes well for its future growth potential. If Meta can get it right.

Just a thought – for those who aren’t brands and looking to grow a following on Threads maybe tagging brands is the way to go?

To finalise, according to a separate study by Sensor Tower, time spent in the app has declined by around 60% from Threads’ initial launch highs, and, to be expected I’d say, its overall user engagement is still a lot lower than the time spent on Instagram or Twitter.

What this means is that, of course, Threads still has some way to go in capitalising on its opportunities, though its team has already outlined a range of key updates coming to the app, which should help with user retention.

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