This week’s hot event 

Independent Film Distribution

Tue, 11th May – 6:30PM

Learn how to successfully distribute and sell an independent feature film.

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This week’s hot event 

Getting noticed by clients – How to build effective case studies?

Thu, 13th May – 2PM

Case studies go beyond simple testimonials/reviews from clients… They provide real-life examples of how your service satisfied your customer’s needs and helped them accomplish their goals.

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Thinking strategically as a freelancer

Tue, 18th May – 7PM

The webinar will help you think more strategically about your independent business. It will help you see how you can make your freelancing more stable, how you can avoid simply “treading water” and how to raise your profile so that you attract the right type of profitable clients.  

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The Essential Habits of An Effective Freelancer or Consultant

Thu, 20th May – 9:30AM

In this session, we’ll look at the key activities and habits you need to build your business in a successful and sustainable way. One of the main challenges of running a small business is lack of time.

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Finding Work as a Freelance Filmmaker

Wed, 26th May – 6:30PM

In this talk with Laura Davis, Managing Director of The Crewing Company we’ll discuss the best strategies for finding consistent work as a freelance filmmaker. Whether you are a producer, director, editor, make-up artist, photographer or videographer this is the online talk for you! 

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Wishu Web for Freelancers Launch

Thu, 27th May – 12:00PM

“Finally it’s releasing”

After thousands of emails and requests from creatives… Wishu is finally releasing a web version app for creative freelancers who couldn’t join our iOS app.

We’ve spent the last 1 year developing and crafting the perfect tool for freelancers to find work, create a portfolio profile, connect with clients/like-minded creators and offer services all in one space.

This talk will be based on how you as a creative freelancer can create a profile on Wishu Web For Freelancers and maximise your efforts to find work, connect with other creators, find clients, and use our community resource hub.

Would you like to be a beta user and get Wishu Web For Freelancers early? Please email

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Women in Film – Independent Film Funding

Thu, 27th May – 6:30PM

In this talk with Sienna Beckman we’ll discuss best practices and up to date strategies to developing and funding your indie short or feature film. This will be an interactive talk throughout which you will be able to ask questions and network with other attendees.

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Just released!

Top Resources For PRO freelancers

Thu, 03rd June – 2PM

This webinar will outline articles, resources and tools that will save everyone a little time.

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