How to get featured on Hot Offers & become a Top Talent

How to get featured on Hot Offers & become a Top Talent

Ever wondered what it takes to be featured on Wishu’s Hot Offers and get the Top Talent badge attached to your profile? Read on to find out!


Hot Offers are the first thing most people see when they open Wishu. They have an advantage of being booked by potential buyers, and this means that getting your offer featured is important for your success.

We’ve broken down the 4 major criteria for selection so you know exactly where you can start to get your offer featured.


Demonstrate trust and security

Carefully design your talent portfolio and profile. In order to really sell your services, you need to ensure your personal profile is appealing and consistent. When someone books your services they want to feel secure in their choice. By being ID verified, you are providing them security.


Build a detailed portfolio and personality

One of the first things someone wants look at is your portfolio of work on your profile. In Wishu you’re encouraged to upload examples of your work, updates, thoughts, and anything else you find relevant. Showcase your work and your personality on your portfolio. After all, it is you they are booking and not your service.

Ensure that your profile describes your story about your experience and background that gives others an understanding of who you are. The more you write about yourself, the clearer the impression to others.


Leave no questions for your offer

Try to avoid unnecessary enquiries. The more people asking you questions about your offer means your spending more time answering enquiries when your supposed to be using that time on your talent!

This means you need an easy-to-read, comprehensive description of the service your offering, and what they can expect after they booking you and securing their funds. Once their funds are secured, those funds are held until they tap ‘Complete’. The funds are then released to your wallet, which you can withdraw anytime. Keep your process simple, and engage using in-app messaging.


Engage the community and build a respectable reputation

Your past reviews play into this, but if you don’t have any reviews yet then don’t worry – there are other ways to demonstrate your attitude.

Act as a role-model in conversations and comment sections. Be understanding to answer questions from potential buyers.

Take action If you are being harassed or spammed – please report and block the user immediately. Similarly If you see offensive comments, pictures or offers that violate our policies then you need to report the user and we’ll handle the rest. By doing this you are showing that you care for the security and well-being of the Wishu community.

Do not ask for private financial information from buyers, or request to be paid outside of Wishu. By doing so you are putting buyers at risk of paying for fraudulent services and could risk getting your own account suspended under suspicion.


In conclusion, write a comprehensive description on both your profile and your offer and be kind to those in the community. These criteria apply to both Hot Offers and Top Talents. If you think you have what it takes to have your profile appear on the front page, then send us a message and we’ll give you feedback!

If you want to speak to the Wishu Team for more, get in touch at support@wishu.io. Take a look at the Hot Offers section to get examples and follow those Talents!

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