“Embarrassment is not real […] At the very least you can’t let it come in the way of your dreams.”
These are the words of Sabrina Bahsoon – widely known across TikTok as ‘Tube Girl’ after her videos dancing on the London Underground have resonated with an audience that can’t get enough of her confidence.


The wind is not a paid actor and we dont always agree 🙄 #greedy #tatemcrae #londontiktok @tate mcrae

♬ greedy tate mcrae unreleased – babytatie

In each of Bahsoon’s viral videos, some of which have been viewed 16 million times, her hair blows in the wind as she dances effortlessly to beats by Raye, Tate McRae, Jazmin Bean or Jazzy. Arguably what makes the content so watchable is the reaction – or there lack of – the passersby in the background of the video during their daily commute. Some, in typical London fashion, seem unbothered where others display judgment. The desire to analyze the reactions encourages users to watch Bahsoon’s videos repeatedly.

Bahsoon’s unique style of maneuvering her front camera is another reason her videos stand out among the deluge of TikToks created and consumed daily.

Bahsoon has been recording herself dancing in trains since last year, but it wasn’t until last month that she conceptualized her jerky camera movement. She first tried it at home, then on the London bus, and finally on the train. It was the way she captured the wind in the train that became the key factor, she said.

What’s most remarkable about Bahsoon’s rise – setting a ‘tube’ trend across the app – is the speed at which it has occured. In less than a month, Bahsoon, who just completed a law degree at Durham University in the U.K., has amassed more than 400,000 followers on TikTok, been asked to collaborate with brands such as MAC Cosmetics, and landed an invitation to walk at Paris Fashion Week. 

Her virality is not a fluke or a one-off, she said. When she decided to give her creative career a chance, she began to think more deeply about the music she listens to, how the beat influences her and her camera to move, and how its music video should be styled. “Then I just follow the music,” she told the Washington Post.

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