The top priorities for new CEO of Twitter

Recruit a solid advertising sales team: Twitter’s need for a strong advertising sales team is hindered by Musk’s dismissal of a significant portion of the team, the platform’s ongoing issues under his leadership, and the lack of a compelling product or brand identity, making the recruitment and success of such a team challenging yet potentially boosted by the availability of talented executives from rival platforms.

A new narrative for Twitter 3.0: Yaccarino’s challenge as the new CEO of Twitter 3.0 lies in crafting a compelling narrative that marketers can buy into, addressing the platform’s identity crisis and potentially shifting the focus towards supporting creators and media businesses, as Twitter’s reliance on advertising revenue becomes increasingly challenging in a competitive market.

Musk: One of Twitter’s major obstacles, particularly for advertisers, is the presence of Musk and the uncertainty he has introduced to the platform, making it crucial for Yaccarino to address his influence and assure advertisers of more thoughtful decision-making.

Video: Yaccarino’s expertise in successful video programming and monetization, gained from her experience at NBCU and Turner Broadcasting, suggests that video will be a major focus for her at Twitter, although the specific plans and strategies are yet to be revealed, as Twitter needs to navigate the competitive video landscape intelligently to carve its own path.

Issue of measurement: Yaccarino’s focus on improving audience measurement and addressing the challenges of ad performance and reach will be crucial for Twitter’s ability to attract advertisers and overcome its historical weaknesses in measurement capabilities, as she has demonstrated her advocacy for better measurement during her time at NBCU.

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