The Top Instagram Reels Trends to Try This Week

Back in the summer of 2020, Instagram, as always with its mother company, Facebook, caught onto TikTok’s boom. It bought the rights and launched a similar format, Reels, on Instagram. 

TikTok and Reels are the epitome of ‘the same but different’. While the format is very similar, sitting on two different platforms will naturally cause differences. For example, TikTok focuses solely on short form videos – there are no photo posts, no stories and no reshares (as of yet). Reels however, sits within the Instagram frame which it has built for itself over the past almost decade. This naturally causes differences in how different videos go viral, the favoured trends and sounds and how Reel and TikTok users attract followers.

In all honesty, Reels have a more millennial feel to them where TikToks scream Gen Z. What does this mean, exactly? Reels with babies tend to go viral – probably reflecting the stage of life of millennials. Gen Z teen themes such as Euphoria themed videos and dances tend to do well as well as ‘social justice’ videos surrounding queer culture and sustainability. However, some general trends such as makeup transitions and funny family videos (think your grandma swearing) tend to do well on both. 

When it comes to branding yourself on Reels, it sometimes can be much easier to do so than on TikTok, specifically when you have already built a following on Instagram. Instagram, being more millennial, also has a more professional tone than TikTok also knowing that Instagram is already a place – a sort of portfolio hub – where clients of all generations are likely to scout for freelance talent. 

Let’s take a look at some of March’s most trending sounds so far, ones that you can jump on this week in your next Instagram Reel. 

Trending Sounds: 

  1. Got Summer on My Mind – Elli Eli (feat. Raritto San). With summer just around the corner, this one feels appropriate for a variety of videos. This sound is an easy background track for photo and video montages, throwbacks, recipes, or product highlights.
  2. Original Audio – courtney michelle. This sound is used for a trend called ‘Hidden Talents’ which is all about showing the before and after of something. Think photo edits, art projects, a recipe, home renovations, you get the idea.
    This trend is growing steadily so now is the time to jump on it – think clever and quick transitions that tease and deliver!
  3. Right Down the Line by Gerry Rafferty. This dreamy guitar line is taking over our timelines — typically accompanying an atmospheric montage of video clips.
  4. Renee Roaming – So I’m Addicted To This… Not so much a song but a sound. This trend is about showing something you can’t live without, think coffee, nice views, relaxing hobbies, someone you love. For freelancers this trend works great to showcase an essential tool to your work. If you’re a stylist it could be nipple tape or a graphic designer may choose to show a digital pen they can’t live without.

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