From stationary brands and festivals to fast-food chains, 2021 saw a wide range of redesigns, and we’re here to report them. 

Burger King by Jones Knowles Ritchie

We saw the first Burger King brand refresh in over 20 years in 2021. With a retro and clean new look by Jones Knowles Ritchie. Burger King launched new menus, logo, packaging, uniforms and other company assets. The brand new look indicates a forward-looking vision to the future. 

Tribeca Festival by Pentagram

After two decades, The Tribeca Festival saw its first rebrand to evolve the brand to changes due to the covid-19 pandemic. The redesign comes courtesy of Pentagram. The new identity features a brand new logo and typography infused with a celebratory spirit that showcases people coming back together. 

Papier by Ragged Edge

In a society where we are all increasingly becoming more and more online, it’s wonderful to see a London based stationery company like Papier not only surviving the pandemic, but also thriving. Recently the branding agency Ragged Edge helped the brand go through a refresh to help them maintain momentum that the brand has been receiving and move the brand forward. 

Papier’s new design elements feel more fresh and inviting, while still retaining a polished and class you’d expect from a brand that peddles luxurious products. The agency Ragged Edge signed up the expertise of photographer Charlie Mckay and illustrator Ciao Chiara for support in executing and showcasing the project.

McDonald’s by Pearlfisher

McDonald’s launched a new global packaging system in March 2021 courtesy of Pearlfisher. Selecting an assortment of the most iconic aspects of each menu item to use as the backbone of the new packaging. The packaging uses a bespoke font called Speedee Bold and a color palette inspired by their food. 

Ocado by JKR

The online grocery ordering and delivery giant Ocado underwent a growth spurt in elevating their designs to keep up with the design trends. JKR evoked a modern freshness and ease with the new visual language for Ocado. 

JKR made the digital grocery brand seem more flexible and accessible, through a splashy colour-blocked colour palette and illustrations. 

This new brand identity needed to extend to the packaging of the Ocado Own Range product line in a way that would stand out on both the digital and pantry shelves.

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