I’ve got hot gossip. Well, not gossip per se but now I’ve got your attention this really is hot news for all creators. We’re listing the top 5 affiliate-marketing platforms creators used to earn money this year. You’re welcome!

Firstly, here’s exactly how affiliate-marketing platforms work;
When an influencer, blogger, or publisher shares links to products, they can use affiliate links; followers can spot these links in Instagram Story “swipe-ups,” link-in-bio landing pages, or the comments below YouTube videos. 

For emerging or smaller creators — referred to as “nano” or “micro” influencers, who typically have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers — affiliate marketing is often the first step toward monetizing their social influence.

Influencers typically earn between 1% and 20% commissions from these sales, but the exact rate varies by platform and brand. For instance, retail programs for fashion brands often offer a lower rate compared to those of rates software or investing companies, according to industry professionals.

Its inclusivity for all levels of influencers make it such a powerful tool to allow creators to monetize their content quickly and effectively.

Now, let’s get to the list. Disclaimer; this list has been influenced by Insider and their reporting and nominations from industry insiders.

Amazon Associates

Amazon takes a commission rate of 1% to 20%, per the company’s information page for the program and of course offers anything available on Amazon’s sight so the range is wide.
Influencers enrolled in the program can create custom storefronts and link to them across their social-media accounts. Creators can then categorize products and earn commissions from the sales they drive.

Amazon also lets creators make and share shoppable videos that make it easier for consumers to find products featured in videos.


The commission rate offered by Impact is 5% to 20%, per the company and it boasts brands such as Walmart, Uber and Shopify. Major corporations like Walmart use Impact.com, which is running its new creator platform “Walmart Creator” using Impact’s technology.
Earlier this year, Impact introduced an in-app messaging tool that helps brands and creators more easily connect without needing to go off-platform and use emails. Impact also offers influencers online courses and certifications that focus on marketing and content partnerships. 


Founded by an influencer, LTK gives influencers a customised URL and an in-app page called an “LTK Shop” where they can curate a shopping list of their affiliate links for their followers. Influencers can link to their LTK pages on social media, including on Instagram Stories using a “swipe-up,” or in a TikTok bio. Commission rates vary depending on brands.

In September, the company launched an updated LTK Creator App, which connects to multiple platforms, uses new publishing formats, and offers new data so that creators can improve their strategies. For example, the new home screen displays snapshots of earnings and gives influencers real-time updates on brand deals and commissions.


Commission links here are 10% to 30% on average, but can go as high as 70%, per the company. MagicLinks offer style and luxury boasting brands such as Prada, MiuMiu, Dyson, Mejuri, Mango, and more. It is a platform focused entirely on influencers and offers the ability to conduct affiliate marketing through text messages.

The company offers a tool called ObsessedWith.it, which is an app that gives creators the option to make Instagram posts and YouTube videos shoppable for followers. The platform works with approximately 30,000 vetted influencers and over 5,000 e-commerce brands.


Taking a specific commission rate of 13%, Partnerize is known for working with publishers and bloggers — particularly in the fashion realm. In 2020, Partnerize acquired the affiliate-marketing service Pepperjam and folded its technology into its existing platform.\

The platform offers several different payout models, such as paying a reward for influencers who drive the first click to a product, as well as those who play a role in getting that product into a cart.

Boasting brands like Alo Yoga, Everlane, Expedia, Ancestry, and Our Place, influencers using Partnerize can also be a “preferred partner” for some brands, which credits the influencer for every sale they contribute to “regardless of where they appear in the path to purchase,” according to the company. 

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