The top 3 brand TikToks you need to know about

No. 3: RyanAir’s missing window

Musician Hal Walker made a TikTok that narrated variations on the instrument, like two plastic Easter eggs filled with mung beans, two Christmas tree ornaments filled with jingle bells, and two wads of masking tape tied together with a pink ribbon.

RyanAir shared its own version of the trend with a scenario of a customer treating themselves to a window seat, then not reading that 11A has no window, and then complaining online that there’s no window, with social media posts from confused customers. The TikTok reached over 1 million views.

No. 2: Duolingo stays toxic

Duolingo tried out Jamaal Banks’ format, dispensing the advice, “Ladies if a rando asks for your number at a club, just Venmo yourself $5 from his phone. Stay toxic.” The video, which credited Banks, racked up 3 million views.

No. 1: It’s corn!

The number one trend on TikTok is the corn song. The song has given some brands a huge boost in awareness, with some reaching over 2 million views.

One of the most viral corn-related videos didn’t even use the tune. Chipotle’s contribution to the trend was a simple video focused on building a burrito bowl. A small voice declines all the options until it shows little Tariq on the other side of the glass saying, “It’s corn!” The video has almost 39 million views.

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