TikTok satire videos can often take things too far and this is truly the case for Dan Bravo’s viral video claiming that US budget superstore, Target, is releasing a Premium ‘Target Black’. The video showcases a real life Manhattan building clearly own by the company but in all black. The windows are blurred out and Bravo’s real-time voiceover comments “I’m working on a commercial for them right now so I can’t show you inside but I can tell you that Premium Target Black will host brands like Balenciaga and Supreme.”

The caption reads ‘Opening November 2022” and as we get closer to the date viewers are realising that ‘Target Black’ simply isn’t true and the video is pure satire. The building is in fact just Target’s New York office building hence the blurred out windows and black front.

“The content of the video is not true,” Target told Highsnobiety via email. Neither Balenciaga nor Supreme responded to request for comment, though Bravo did post a follow-up copping to the ruse.


While some suspected that the video was a joke, the majority of viewers took it at face value, fueling discussion on Twitter and other social media platforms — and proving that the concept isn’t so far-fetched. Some TikTok-ers even created response videos explaining why the prospect of a “Target Black” doesn’t sit well with them.

If anything, the least realistic claim in the video is Bravo’s claim that Balenciaga — a notoriously enigmatic brand — would partner with a retailer as ubiquitous as Target. Previously, the house has only ever alluded to accessibility via YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga and collaborations with Crocs (priced upwards of $500, mind you).

The short-form content app really knows how to push our buttons. 

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