Loosey-Goosey is a baking powder brand that incorporates luxurious and favourite flavours such as rose petals, saffron and pistachio. Its brand identity stands out in the market thanks illustrations by Enrique Puerto which are split conceptually into two elements, emotions and senses and the way these define different stories and different ingredients.

Enrique Puerto is a Mexican designer whose niche is to characterise certain elements of his design work, adding playful personality via typography or symbolic illustrations that live within his design systems. 

Enrique’s design for Loosey-Goosey touches on a massively relatable element of Latino culture (which we’re sure extends into other cultures too). Remember being at your abuela’s house, finding that aluminium box of cookies with those delicious illustration adorning the front, only to open the box and find not a cookie in sight but a collection of sewing material? Well, Loosey-Goosey has expressed on its site the desire for beautiful but also sustainable and relatable packing. The brand wants its packing to “be reused at home, as a decoration, or as storage, to become the new cookies aluminum boxes where our grandmothers used to save their sewing material.”

Loosey-Goosey initially reached out to Enrique for the emotion-led work featured in his growing portfolio. The brand was keen to market its product in a way that would connect with the world of emotional eating, concerned with “how difficult it seems to have good mental health in this era,” the designer explains. In turn, Loosey-Goosey would speak to a new generation of home cooks by promoting health and naturally flavoured meals. “I related to them,” Enrique says. “I enjoy my job but when you’re working more than eight hours a day and your back starts to hurt, you just want to end the day by pampering yourself with something delicious.”

This construction of a brand identity which bares in mind the difficulty of balancing work, life and healthy eating is surprisingly bold – at least compared to other baking goods products. The brand’s packaging centres around a characterful illustration of a figure munching away, composed next to the flavour details of each edition and a bubble-like logo. Emphasising this typographic approach is a 3D representation of how Loosey-Goosey may expand the flavour of a meal, with giant balloon bubbles squeezing out of the product’s packaging in the promotional materials created by Adrià Tañà Ferrer.

“The creative freedom that the client gave us was the main factor of the success of the project,” says Enrique. Trusting the designer to create a branding aesthetic unlike anything else on the market was also backed up by significant research. “In our investigations we found out that the baking market is not investing in design,” he says. “Most of them are out of date, with labels full of claims and a clear tendency for ‘vintage’ design. We saw an opportunity to break with that aesthetic, to make something more modern and appealing to the emotions of the consumers.”

Such attention to the emotions to create a relatability via graphic design is an approach we’re likely to continue to see from Enrique’s practice. “I think emotions are important in our lives,” he concludes. “We should embrace them more.”

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