The rise of Gen Z aesthetics on YouTube

YouTube is the most used social media platform in the UK with 88% of respondents using it since 2020 – rising to 93% in Gen Z adults (aged 18 – 29).

Comparing platforms:

  • Meta is a close second with 73% of respondents using the platform 
  • TikTok (54%) 
  • Snapchat (51%)

The research also shows that Gen Z users are four times more likely to use YouTube compared to Snapchat and almost three times more likely compared to TikTok. 

Meta remains the most popular social network among Millennials (aged 30 – 44).

Highest engagement by Gen Z:

  • Meta Image Ad (40%)
  • TikTok video ad (40%)
  • YouTube video ad (32%).

Across all generations, Meta is considered the easiest shopping platform (44% of respondents ranked it first), followed by YouTube (25%).

Looking to up your YouTube game? 

Here’s everything you need to know about posting on YouTube in 2022: The when and why.

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