The Lizard Queen is a photographer, model, creative director and stylist based between London and Brighton. Her work has featured in publications such as High Snobiety and The Guardian and has worked with artists such as Green Tea Peng and Pip Millet. 

The tone of her work is feminist in the most diverse of ways from wearing prosthetics and body paint for a project entitled ‘Women are from Venus’ to drawing influence from stripper fashion to capturing the autonomy of female artists. This is the result of a woman’s work both in front of and behind the camera. 

As her name would suggest, The Lizard Queen produces work that is ethereal and otherworldly in that it challenges the viewer to judge their own gaze. Women are transformed into attractive beings with unconventional features be it that their face is covered in pearls, their legs are marbled or they claim total claim over their bodies and sensuality. 

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