🚀Instagram’s testing a new, full-screen main feed of feed posts, stories and reels content. Stories would be presented with a frame bar at the bottom of the display, indicating that you can swipe left to see the other frames, while videos have a progress bar instead.

đź‘ľApple’s next blow to the ad industry may be hiding in plain sight. Nearly a year after Apple implemented privacy changes that make it harder for digital advertisers to track how consumers use their smartphone apps, the iPhone maker has already introduced two other privacy features that mask the identity of Apple device users. Together, they threaten to further constrain the online ad industry’s ability to track customers, according to ad tech company executives and advertising consultants.

🎬MGM’s Amazon era begins with big, unanswered questions. As the $8.5 billion deal closes, insiders debate how autonomous MGM operations may be, how quickly Amazon will mine its IP and how soon its vaunted library will make its way to Prime Video.

🤳Meta introduces Slack-like shortcuts to Messenger. Facebook’s parent company, has introduced the beginning of a series of shortcuts to its Messenger platform. Its new command system brings more fun and efficiency to your messages. Two shortcuts are available today on both iOS and Android: @everyone and /silent. Both are meant to spice up your Messenger group chat experience.

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