AI (Artificial Intelligence) surely is the tech buzz term of 2023. And since that’s the case, it’s no surprise that Instagram is already making advancements regarding how to implement artificially intelligent features in the near future.

We’ve already seen Meta’s first experiments on this front, with generative AI tools for ad creation. In addition, Instagram’s also developing some more creative AI tools for regular users, which will soon be coming to your IG feed.

Next on the list is a new generative AI sticker tool for your Instagram posts and Stories, which would enable you to create custom graphics based on text prompts. Several reports state that Instagram started working on this feature back in May. Instagram’s also looking to implement generative AI tools that would enable you to remove or replace elements of your uploads within the creation process.

There are currently two elements to this. The first is ‘AI brush’, which would enable you to replace parts of your image, using generative AI to fill in the gaps. The other is ‘Restyle’, through which you’ll be able to re-create sections of an uploaded image by using text prompts. So if you want a different background, you could add in a description of the setting you prefer, while you’d also be able to replace specific elements with AI-created alternatives.

Instagram’s also experimenting with a new conversational UI, built into your DMs, similar to Snapchat’s My AI chatbot tool. Controversially, this tool was not received well on Snapchat with complaints that it encouraged underage drinking among other inappropriate advice targeted towards young users. 

Arguably the most interesting development is an AI-powered tool which would summarise your messages for you, saving you time. With more interactions on IG switching to DMs, that could be handy, though I’m not sure that I’d fully trust an AI system to understand the full context of every DM.

In addition to creation tools, Instagram’s also looking to add more transparency around generative AI content, with new labels that would explain when an image has been created by AI. Given the rapid rise of generative AI use, this could be an important indicator to ensure transparency, though many will no doubt try to get around the tags in the hopes of duping people with their created images.

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