2022 hasn’t even lasted a full month and yet it feels overwhelming as ever. We are moving out of the pandemic, Brexit is in full swing, TikTok is the dominant social media app (already), everyone is making more money from NFTs and investing in the crypto market….ah! It’s so forward moving that sometimes we just want to curl up in some Groovy Chick bed covers and listen to My Chemical Romance alongside a few Friends reruns to feel even just an ounce of safety and nostalgic comfort. 

That’s digital anxiety; feeling unsure about how to approach a very fast paced future and catch up digitally, financially and professionally. So, how do we ease it? 

For us Brits, travelling has been a nightmare as of late. We don’t need to illustrate what complications both the pandemic and Brexit have brought to our life. What we do know, however, is that travel is often the tonic to digital anxiety. 

This constant, everyday focus on the digital is heightened by our everyday real-life environments failing to stimulate. You’re stuck in the same flat, it’s raining all the time, you work from home and have tried pretty much every coffee shop in your area. Real life externals are a bore and therefore we look to the digital to apply our curiosity and work ethic.  

Travel, however, changes that. Travel allows for maximum nostalgia and curiosity. As you walk around Rome with a sense of unfamiliarity you think of its past from the original Roman era to the 1950s and 60s fascination and romanticism of the city via movies such as Roman Holiday. You take an evening stroll and ponder over the city’s historical influence on fashion, art and architecture. You are inspired not by the metaverse or the plethora of same-y images you see on your social feeds but rather by the tangible, historical beauty of your real life surroundings. 

What’s even better is that for Brits, travel and culture exposure don’t cost much at all. Return flights to Morocco, Lisbon or Plovdiv can be purchased for £50-80 return and hostel stays or house swaps can cost next to nothing if staying for a week or less. That’s what makes the inconveniences of the pandemic’s effect on travel so hard to face. 

Regardless, whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about digital technology, remember that time is just a concept and oftentimes, stepping outside of the present for a moment can be the most refreshing of tonics. 

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