In our previous blog about impact and productivity we spoke about the beauty of completing a full day’s work in only 4 hours. Those 4 hours are split into creation and connection – usually with an 80/20 split, 80 being creation and 20 being admin. 

However, for many of us, we feel guilty when such a day has been spent. Technically, we shouldn’t and many would say we are being hard on ourselves because we created a product and spread the word in only four hours. But when new to this way of working, it’s hard not to feel like we are being lazy when we shut down the computer after only 4 hours. 

Here’s something to bear in mind; the idea that you should be on top of everything and working harder and checking emails and messages … It feels really true in the moment. But it is very rarely true. It is very rare that if you do push through those four productive hours, the next four will even be worth it. Instead, it would ironically be more productive to take those next few hours off, go for coffee with a mate and be inspired by what they say or the colours of the coffee shop – inspiration that may naturally and organically serve your next project. 

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